Are use maps helping you in fulfilling your REACH obligations?

Let us know by completing a short survey on use maps, and consider participating in a pilot project!

A survey has recently been published to gain insight into how the use maps are being used and how they could be further developed to meet your needs. Let us know about your experience in using them by completing a short questionnaire. Click here to access it.

Besides this, registrants and formulators may be interested in joining a Cefic pilot trial on exposure scenarios and communication in the supply chain. Within this pilot registrants will utilise use-map information to generate exposure scenarios to be communicated down the supply chain, which will then be used by formulators to generate the safe use information for their mixture that is expected to be communicated to end users. A description of the pilot trial can be accessed here. If you would be interested in joining this pilot, please send your completed application form to Alejandro Garabatos ( by 16 July.

Please also be informed that the use map for Imaging and Printing products (developed by I&P Europe) is now available also in Chesar format. This file can be directly imported into Chesar and used by the assessors as input to the chemical safety assessment. The I&P use map is available in the use maps library on the ECHA website here.


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