Chesar 3.4 available for download

20 November 2018

An update of ECHA's chemical safety assessment and reporting tool, Chesar, has been published.

Chesar 3.4 builds on your feedback and offers features such as:

  • Compatibility with IUCLID 6.3 (released on 24 October)
  • Improved user-friendliness, e.g. extending the bulk functionalities and allowing consistency checks for the life cycle tree in box 2
  • Enhanced support for importing updated use maps – at import, the tool now remembers which uses were previously deleted

Consult the Chesar 3.4 release notes document for more detailed information. In addition a new FAQ clarifies the compatibility between IUCLID and Chesar versions. Updated versions of the installation and user manuals are now also available.

Note: From 15 November 2018 logging in to the Chesar website can be done using only an ECHA account. Users of ECHA Cloud Services, REACH-IT, R4BP 3 or ePIC already have such an account, and will be able to log in to the Chesar website with their ECHA account (more information on the ECHA Website).
If you do not have an ECHA account but want to continue to have access to the Chesar website, you will have to create one, which can be done via the Chesar website. Also, if you want to continue receiving Chesar news alerts to your mailbox, you must activate the relevant options under My Account.