Chesar can help registrants with the TCC requirements on CSRs

26 January 2022

Since March 2021 ECHA’s technical completeness check has been extended to CSRs. We would like to draw your attention to two key requirements for technical completeness: 

  • Each use reported in the IUCLID dossier must have a corresponding exposure scenario in the CSR.
  • Each contributing activity per reported use in IUCLID must have a corresponding contributing scenario in the relevant exposure scenario in the CSR.

Chesar guides users in carrying out a complete chemical safety assessment. Once the assessment is completed, it supports users in fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements by allowing for the synchronisation of the use description in IUCLID with the exposure scenarios in the CSR. The correct synchronisation can be ensured by selecting the right option in the “export of uses to IUCLID” pop up displayed when clicking the “export uses” button in Chesar Box 4. To select the right option, Chesar users are invited to carefully read not only the help-text embedded in Chesar but also the two new FAQs recently published on the Chesar website:

  • How can I ensure the synchronisation of my exposure scenarios in the CSR generated by Chesar with the use description in IUCLID? Which option shall I choose in Box 4 of Chesar?
  • I am a lead registrant and I need to generate both an own CSR and a joint CSR. How can I use Chesar to ensure that the use description in IUCLID and in the CSR are aligned and consistent with the exposure scenarios?

Additional information on the technical completeness check (TCC) on CSRs: