Interested in testing Chesar 3.6 beta version?

ECHA is working on the development of Chesar 3.6, which is intended to be released in autumn 2020.

The major change in this version is the implementation of a set of harmonised conditions of use (CoU) for the workers assessment. This set of harmonised CoU is the result of a mapping exercise which has taken place with the owners of the most used workers assessment tools (i.e. ECETOC TRA, ART, Stoffenmanager and EMKG-expo-tool). The inputs to the mentioned tools have been mapped to each other, resulting in a set of core conditions of use which cover the inputs needed for all the tools, as well as lists of CoU only relevant for specific tools (e.g. ART, MEASE).

All these CoU will be available in the library of Chesar 3.6. 
This implementation will lead to the update of some built-in CoU already present in Chesar 3.5, as well as to the addition of new built-in CoU. 
Chesar will support the migration from the existing CoU to this new set of CoU, and will also help the user in selecting the relevant CoU by pre-filtering the full list of conditions of use depending on the tool used.

As the implementation of this important change is currently being finalised, we would like to invite Chesar users with experience with the tool to help us testing the beta version of the application. In particular we will be asking testers to focus on the workers assessment (done with or without SWEDs). 

The testing period will last for approximately three working weeks in June 2020. If you would be interested in testing the beta version, please let us know by sending an email to by the 29 of May.

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