New version of ECETOC TRA Worker tool published

27 October 2023

ECETOC has recently updated its TRA Worker tool, by releasing the new version 3.2. You can find more information on the changes in ECETOC’s technical report "TR 141 – Comparison of measured and modelled short-term inhalation and dermal exposure".

Some exposure estimates for workers have been modified. An overview of the changes and their impact on the exposure estimation can be found in table 5 of the report.

Registrants having already finalised the occupational exposure estimation based on previous versions of the ECETOC TRA tool are advised to look at the changes outlined in the report.

If registrants conclude that these changes put into question the outcome of their assessment, they should consider updating it.

Chesar 3 does not enable to obtain those new estimates automatically. They can nevertheless be reported by using the “external tool functionality”.

The exposure estimates from this new version of ECETOC TRA workers will be available in the future Chesar Platform, planned to be released in 2024.

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