The illustrative example of CSR and exposure estimations made with ConsExpo importable to Chesar

The ECHA Illustrative example of a chemical safety report (CSR) has been updated and is now available on ECHA’s website. The illustrative example presents a complete CSR for an imaginary substance and its uses. The example includes a Chesar file that can be directly imported in the tool to get familiar with its functions.

The new Illustrative example of a CSR, published on ECHA’s website, includes contributing scenarios generated with ConsExpo and exported to Chesar with the new import functionality.

As of 3 July 2017, exposure estimations made with ConsExpoWeb version 1.0.1 can be imported into Chesar through a ConsExpo export file.

ConsExpo is a computer program that enables the estimation of exposure to substances from consumer products such as paint, cleaning agents and personal care products. The model is developed by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) within the ConsExpo2015 project with partners Anses, BfR, FOPH and Health Canada. 

Illustrative example of a CSR:

ConsExpo program:


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