Updated FEICA and EFCC use maps now available in Chesar format

The European Federation for Construction Chemicals (EFCC) and the Association of the European Adhesive and Sealant Industry (FEICA) have recently published their updated use maps, including Chesar files. These files can be directly imported in Chesar and used by assessors as input to the chemical safety assessment. They are available in the use maps library on the ECHA website (

Both Chesar files contain the general use mapping, as well as inputs to the exposure assessment for workers (SWEDs), consumers (SCEDs, only for FEICA) and the environment (SPERCs).

Note: Together with the use maps, for each sector two cleaning files have been published. These cleaning packages are to be used by the assessors who have imported in their Chesar the previous version of FEICA and/or EFCC SPERC files. The cleaning files will obsolete non-relevant library items in the Chesar application. They need to be imported in Chesar box 6 (“SPERCs” tab and “Condition of use templates” tab respectively).

Registrants are invited to consider the sector use maps when preparing or updating their dossiers.

Support for users on how to handle use maps Chesar files is available in Chesar user manual (chapter 4.5) as well as in the on-line Chesar help text (click the  ? ).


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