Chesar Platform


Chesar Platform is an application under development by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to help companies carry out their chemical risk assessments and document them, serving both the REACH and Biocidal Products regulations.

Chesar Platform will implement the same principles as Chesar, as the aim is to have an assessment that is structured, harmonised, transparent, and easy to update.

The first version will support REACH and Biocides users.

For REACH, the tool will support registrants in performing their full chemical safety assessment (for both human health and the environment) and generating their chemical safety reports (CSRs), as currently incorporated in Chesar. For Biocides users, it will enable the environmental risk assessment needed for both active substances and products.

Chesar Platform will fully integrate EUSES models for environmental assessment, as well as ECETOC TRA models for workers and consumers.

It will be possible for users to migrate Chesar 3-based assessments to Chesar Platform.

Chesar Platform aims to become the ECHA tool to support the risk assessment of chemicals.

Chemical risk assessment stakeholders' community

We are setting up a Chemical risk assessment stakeholders' community that will play a key role in collecting and discussing a wide range of topics relevant for the development of Chesar Platform. The stakeholder community will play a key role in:

  • Collecting and discussing (scientific) proposals on:
    • assessment methodologies (to be) incorporated in the tool (starting with REACH and Biocides);
    • exposure models (to be) implemented in the tool;
  • Providing feedback and testing intermediate versions of the tool; and
  • Promoting the tool.

We invite all parties interested in joining the stakeholders’ group to indicate their interest by replying to the questionnaire.

In the questionnaire, you will be asked to share your knowledge and experience related to environmental and human health risk assessment, and on the use of Chesar, EUSES and other assessment tools.

We also invite you to indicate your willingness to be an active participant in the discussions/development work or simply being informed on the development of the tool.

Questions related to the stakeholders’ community should be sent to chesarplatform(at)

Link to Chear platform questionnaire