Chesar 3.6 available for download

19 January 2021

The new version of Chesar, Chesar 3.6, implements a set of harmonised conditions of use (CoU) for workers assessment. This set of harmonised CoU is the result of a mapping exercise which has taken place with the owners of the most commonly used worker exposure estimation tools (i.e. ECETOC TRA, ART, MEASE, Stoffenmanager and EMKG-expo-tool). Detailed information on the mapping of the different input parameters (and the related phrases for communication) among the tools is described in the Harmonised set of conditions of use document. 

All harmonised CoU are available in the Chesar 3.6 library. As a consequence, some of the previously existing built-in CoU have been updated and new CoU, required for the above-mentioned tools, have been added as new built-in CoUs in the library.

By integrating these harmonised conditions of use, Chesar 3.6 ensures a higher level of consistency in the exposure scenarios generated when the results of different tools are reported. The harmonisation ensures a more consistent communication on safe use to recipients of Safety Data Sheets.

This new set of workers CoU affects the structure of the Sector-specific Worker Exposure Descriptions (SWEDs), and consequently the use maps in which these SWEDs are included. Therefore, the use map developers, with the support of ECHA, have prepared updated versions of their use maps in Chesar format. The updated use map Chesar files are (or will soon be) available in ECHA’s use map library. We invite all Chesar users who have used these use maps in their assessments to import the updated version in Chesar 3.6 as soon as possible.

Chesar 3.6 is fully compatible with IUCLID 6.5. For an overview of the compatibility between the different IUCLID and Chesar versions, please consult the related FAQ.

More detailed information on the implementation of the harmonised conditions of use for workers in Chesar, as well as information on other smaller improvements, can be found in the Chesar 3.6 release notes document.

Updated versions of the installation and user manuals are also available. In addition, a new scientific FAQ has been added which provides some additional guidance on how to best report an ART assessment in Chesar 3.6. 

To support Chesar users, a webinar will take place on 20 January 2021. In this webinar, the implementation of the harmonised conditions of use in Chesar 3.6 will be further explained. The webinar will be followed by a Q&A session. More information can be found here.


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