The purpose of this section of the website is to provide examples of the use of Chesar for the preparation of chemical safety assessments (CSAs).

Getting started with Chesar 3

To be able to immediately run Chesar 3, you can use the following:

ECHA substance

Illustrative CSR example in Chesar 3

This section contains an example of a chemical safety assessment prepared by ECHA. This example, prepared in 2012 and published on ECHA website, has been adapted to IUCLID 6 and Chesar 3 formats. The example is not yet updated with the lessons learned over the past 4 years, and with the further development of good safety assessment practice under REACH. Nevertheless it has been slightly adapted, mainly to take into account: i) new Chesar 3 functionalities, ii) some elements of the updated ECHA Guidance and iii) new elements emerging outside ECHA during last years. Publication of an updated version of ECHA's illustrative CSR example is planned by end of 2016.

You can download a IUCLID 6 file and a Chesar 3 file: save those files on your computer and then import them into IUCLID and Chesar.

Cover note – Illustrative CSR example in Chesar 3.0 (July 2016)
Chesar 3.0 file
IUCLID 6 file
CSR file


ECHA's practical example of chemical safety assessment in Chesar 2 format

ECHA's practical example of exposure scenario in Chesar 2 format

Use maps

A use map informs on the uses of chemicals in a harmonised and structured way. It describes the uses and has links to the information needed to carry out exposure assessments. Use maps are typically generated by downstream user sector organisations. For more information

To facilitate the creation of use maps in Chesar XML format by Industry sector organisations, the following "use map" Chesar 3 substance file can be used as a starting point. For more information refer to the Chesar 3 for sector associations

Usemap substance

Standard phrases catalogue

CEFIC ESCom phrase catalogue can be uploaded in Chesar to support the generation of Exposure Scenario for communication in a standardised way. It is updated twice a year. You can download a Chesar3 compatible version of it from Cefic website: