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ECHA is organising Chesar training events

ECHA is organising Chesar training events. Currently the following two-day training events are foreseen:

-    22-23 February 2017 (Full)
-    06-07 April 2017

Depending on the training requests ECHA may organise additional training sessions.

In order to analyse training needs, we invite everybody interested in participating to complete the following survey by 20 March 2017: link to the survey.

Overall programme of the Chesar functionalities which will be covered during the training sessions:

  • Overview on the Chesar general principles and workflow
  • Interactions with IUCLID and scope of assessment
  • Use description (including use maps approach)
  • Chesar library: Conditions of use, SCEDs, SPERCs (SWEDs) and standard phrases
  • Environmental and Worker/Consumer assessment
  • Export to IUCLID and CSR generation  
  • ESs for Communication

Participation to the training sessions is free of charge. Participants will need to cover their own travel and accommodation costs.


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