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A correction version of Chesar 2.0 (Chesar 2.0.1) is now available on Chesar website

This version fixes a recently discovered defect which occurs during the creation and export of library items determinant type or a SpERC. More specifically, when a user creates these library items, Chesar links them to the user's legal entity to allow identification of the original author. Due to the discovered defect the legal entity's unique identifier – UUID – is not stored as it should.

To prevent problems in the exchange of library items between different Chesar instances, we kindly recommend all users who are planning to create library items, to install the new Chesar 2.0.1.

Chesar 2.0.1 does not add any new functionality to Chesar 2.0. If you do not intend to create any determinant types or SpERC it is not necessary to install this version.

Installation of Chesar 2.0.1 is similar to installation of Chesar 2.0. However, note that if you use the standalone version, in order to keep the data you have already entered into Chesar 2.0 you need to copy your database into your new installation, as described in the instructions page.

With Chesar 2.0.1 all new library items are created correctly. The next release of Chesar, version 2.1 planned for autumn, will correct also the legal entity UUID assignments which have been created in prior to installing this 2.0.1 version. We invite the users who have already created library items and need to export their CSA before Chesar 2.1 becomes available to contact us via email csa [at] (subject: "Already created library items") so that we can assess their individual situations.

To ensure a clear identification of the source of exchanged library items, we remind users to assign a legal entity to every user who acts as a "library manager" and therefore can create library items (see user manual 6 and 7).

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