Awareness raising for key countries outside the EU



Non-EU audiences, both authorities and industry, regularly request ECHA to host group visits and to deliver explanatory presentations on the EU regulations and ECHA's related work. The Agency is selective in accepting visitor groups and even more selective on invitations to speak in third countries. The fact that almost one fifth of registrants for the REACH registration are Only Representatives highlights the importance of reaching out to companies beyond the boundaries of the EU. In addition, external contacts are also useful for the Agency in understanding the topics that are problematic for non-European companies and for which Q&As or other support material should be developed.

Priority is given to the authorities in countries that are revising their chemicals legislation and events which can reach a large and relevant key target audience. Presentations take part at the Agency's premises in Helsinki, at events in third countries or in some cases via videolink.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that most of ECHA's activities have international relevance. Around the globe, users can benefit from the extensive information available on the ECHA website, especially from the dissemination of information on chemicals (C&L Inventory and data on registered substances), the extensive information given through the numerous webinars as well as from information given at ECHA's Stakeholders' days. Many of ECHA's publications are available in 23 languages.

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