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The EU collaborates closely at the international level on the sound management of chemicals. The OECD is the main organisation steering this work. ECHA's role is to provide scientific and technical support to the European Commission in its OECD-related activities. The Agency is active in various Working Groups and Task Forces in the OECD. Its efforts in the OECD on harmonising chemical management tools and approaches are beneficial not only for authorities but also for the European industry.

The OECD countries share objectives common with those of REACH: to better protect human health and the environment while at the same time maintaining the competitiveness of industry in the field of chemicals. The OECD Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Programme has played a major role in promoting global harmonisation by providing commonly accepted approaches, methods and  tools available for sound chemicals management. This includes the Mutual Acceptance of Data; test guidelines and Good Laboratory Practice; standardised formats for reporting results such as harmonised templates; IT tools (IUCLID) and eChemPortal.

ECHA supports the European Commission in its contributions to the OECD, especially in areas linked to the activities of its Task Force on Hazard Assessment. The Agency is further involved in the IUCLID Expert Group Panel and provides important input to the development of the QSAR Toolbox and eChemPortal. In addition, ECHA is involved in elaborating harmonised templates, the Cooperative Chemicals Assessment Programme as well as pesticide and HPV activities.

ECHA's legally mandated involvement in the OECD's work on IUCLID is not only beneficial to implementing the EU chemicals legislation, but also enables EU companies to use the same format worldwide for storing and reporting information on chemicals. The eChemPortal provides a single global point of access to publicly available information on chemicals gathered under different regulatory regimes. It allows users to search ECHA's public databases as well as those of other regulators.

Exercising regulatory functions under the EU's Biocidal Products Regulation as from 2013, ECHA is also involved in the OECD Task Force on Biocides.

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