All organisations and individuals interested in or affected by the chemicals regulations are our stakeholders and are very welcome to participate in our work.

We are committed to openness and transparency and a regular two-way dialogue with our stakeholders is an important part of that. Therefore, we involve stakeholders in many activities and in our decision-making.

How to participate

We organise several events and workshops throughout the year, often including the possibility to have face-to-face discussions with  our staff. The biggest annual events are our Stakeholders' Days which are open to all, free of charge. In many cases, you can also follow our events online. We also arrange online meetings (webinars) on different topics throughout the year, again, open to all and free of charge.

We organise a large number of public consultations and we urge and encourage stakeholders to provide information in response. These public consultations are published on ECHA's website and in our weekly e-News.


Accredited stakeholder organisations

We work in cooperation with a number of umbrella organisations from different fields and sectors, all working at an EU level and representative of their area of competence. These accredited stakeholder organisations (ASOs) contribute with their knowledge and help us to reach out to wider audiences. If there is a specific topic that you wish to discuss, you can always contact the organisation representing your field of interest.




How to become an accredited stakeholder

If you represent your field of competence on an EU level and are interested in closer cooperation with us, you are welcome to apply for status as an accredited stakeholder. 




Cooperation with accredited stakeholders

Working together with Accredited Stakeholder Organisations contributes to an efficient information flow both from the field to the Agency and vice versa. 




ECHA's accredited stakeholders

This is the list of the currently accredited stakeholders.




Support by accredited stakeholders

This page offers web links to tools, information and guidance that are publically available and free of charge.



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