EU. Air. Annexes II, VII, XI, XII, XIII, XIV of 2008/50 EC

The list contains the Limit, Critical, Target and Long-term Values on ambient air for protection of human health and vegetation. It also contains the Alert, Information and Upper and Lower Assessment thresholds for sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, benzene, carbon monoxide, lead, PM2.5, PM10 and ozone.

Carbon monoxide

EC / List no: 211-128-3 CAS no: 630-08-0
Carbon monoxide
Upper assessment threshold
7 mg/m3
Lower assessment threshold
5 mg/m3
Limit value
10 mg/m3
Tolerance margin (Limit Val)
60 %
Averaging Period
8 hour
XI (Section B),II (Section A6)
Protection of Human Health
01 Without prejudice to Annex I, the criteria for 'Required proportion of valid data' shall be used for checking validity when aggregating data and calculating statistical parameters

07 Already in force since 1 January 2005

10 '8 h' in Averaging period for Limit and Target values refers to 'maximum daily 8 hour mean'. The concentration will be selected by examining 8 hour running averages, calculated from hourly data and updated each hour. Each 8 hour average so calculated will be assigned to the day on which it ends i.e. the first period for any one day will be the period from 17:00 on the previous day to 1:00 on that day; the last calculation period for any one day will be the period from 16:00 to 24:00 on that day

13 The required proportion of valid data refers to the percentage of the hourly running eight hour averages

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