CAD - Chemical Agents Directive, Annex II - Binding BLVs

This list contains substances assigned a binding BEL by the EU. National BELs for these substances may not deviate from the limits in directive. Annex II contains the binding BEL for lead.

Lead ionic compounds

EC / List no: - CAS no: -
70 µg/100ml
Determinant (BLV)
Specimen (BLV)
B Blood
Surveillance BLV
40 µg/100ml
Surveillance TWA (40 h)
0.075 mg/m3
Determinant (BLV) surveillance
Specimen (Surveillance BLV)
B Blood
2 TWA calculated as a time-weighted average over 40 hours per week.

3 Biological monitoring must be measured using absorption spectrometry or a method giving equivalent results.

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