Annex I, Part A - Priority Substances & Pollutants in water

This list contains environmental quality standards (EQS), including annual averages and maximum allowable concentrations, for priority substances and certain other pollutants as provided for in Article 16 of Directive 2000/60/EC.


EC / List no: 200-962-3 CAS no: 76-44-8
AA-EQS Inland
0 µg/l
AA-EQS Other
0 µg/l
MAC-EQS Inland
0.0003 µg/l
0 µg/l
EQS Biota
0.0067 µg/kg
12 Unless otherwise specified, the EQS parameter expressed as an annual average value (AA-EQS) applies to the total concentration of all isomers.

13 Inland surface waters encompass rivers and lakes and related artificial or heavily modified water bodies.

17 Unless otherwise indicated, the biota EQS relate to fish. An alternative biota taxon, or another matrix, may be monitored instead, as long as the EQS applied provides an equivalent level of protection.

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