EU. Environmental Quality Standards, Annex I, Part A (2008/105/EC)

This list contains environmental quality standards (EQS), including annual averages and maximum allowable concentrations, for priority substances and certain other pollutants as provided for in Article 16 of Directive 2000/60/EC.


EC / List no: 204-082-0 CAS no: 115-32-2
AA-EQS Inland
0.0013 µg/l
AA-EQS Other
0 µg/l
EQS Biota
33 µg/kg
5 Where the MAC-EQS are not applicable, the AA-EQS values are considered protective against short-term pollution peaks in continuous discharges since they are significantly lower than the values derived on the basis of acute toxicity.

10 There is insufficient information available to set a MAC-EQS for these substances.

12 Unless otherwise specified, the EQS parameter expressed as an annual average value (AA-EQS) applies to the total concentration of all isomers.

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