End-of-Life Vehicles Directive - Hazardous Substances

EU. Hazardous Substances per Article 2(11) of End-of-Life Vehicles Directive 2000/53/EC, 21 October 2000, amended by Directive 2020/363/EU, 5 March 2020 (based on Table 3/Annex VI of CLP)

This list contains a non-exhaustive inventory of hazardous substances as defined by Article 2(11) of the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive 2000/53/EC. It is based on the relevant subset of substances with harmonised classification listed in Table 3 of Annex VI to the CLP Regulation 1272/2008/EC.

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Substance Name EC No. CAS No. EU CLP (1272/2008)
A complex combination of hydrocarbons produced by the distillation of the products of a steam cracking process. It consists predominantly of hydrocarbons having a carbon number of C4, predominantly 1-butene and 2-butene, containing also butane and isobutene and boiling in the range of approximately minus 12°C to 5°C (10.4°F to 41°F).
Carc. 1A