Fertilisers Regulation, Annex I, A, E.1, E2.4 and G

EU Regulation 2003/2003 consolidates all the European Union rules that apply to fertilisers, and ensures that the technical requirements outlined in the regulation are implemented uniformly. The regulation only applies to mineral fertilisers consisting of one or more plant nutrients. Annex I lists fertiliser types according to their specific characteristics, while Annex II provides a list of associated tolerances.

Ref No.
Annex Section
E Inorganic micro-nutrient fertilisers
Minimum content of nutrients (percentage by weight). Data on the expression of nutrients. Other requirements Nutrient (b) Minimum content
5 % by weight
Nutrient (b) Expressed as
As water-soluble Mn
Other nutrient (b)
Other Requirements
The complexed fraction must be at least 80 % of the water-soluble manganese
Nutrient declaration
Water-soluble manganese (Mn)

Total manganese (Mn) complexed

Other data
The designation must include the name of the authorised complexing agent that can be identified by a European Standard
E.1.5 Fertilisers containing only one micro-nutrient: Manganese
for the declared micro-nutrients: 0.4 % in absolute terms (for a content of more than 2 %) or one fifth of the declared value (for a content not exceeding 2 %)

for the various forms of nitrogen or the declared solubilities of phosphorus pentoxide is one-tenth of the overall content of the nutrient concerned with a maximum of 2 % by mass, provided that the overall content of that nutrient remains within the limits specified in Annex I and the tolerances specified for the types of fertilizers

Production and Ingredients
Water-soluble product containing manganese chemically combined with one authorised complexing agent
Type designation
Manganese complex
2 A chelating agent may be designated by means of its initials as set out in E.3.

3 If the product leaves no solid residue after being dissolved in water it may be described as 'for dissolution'

4 Where a micro-nutrient is present in a chelated form, the pH range guaranteeing acceptable stability of the chelated fraction shall be stated

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