Find substitution partners

Implementing a substitution project may often be a resource-intensive undertaking. Therefore, finding a right substitution partner may ease the financial burden and may help ensure that a substitution project is effectively and smoothly implemented. It can also help facilitate and speed up the whole implementation process by means of pooling expertise and know-how and by developing interorganisational knowledge synergy and capabilities.

Related platforms


Enterprise Europe Network
European Enterprise Network is a platform for finding potential business partners which can be used for your substitution project. In addition to helping companies forge international partnerships, it also provides advice on international growth and supports businesses in turning their innovative ideas in commercial success stories.

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ChemSec Marketplace
The Marketplace is a free-of-charge platform hosted by the Swedish NGO ChemSec. The platform enables buyers and sellers of alternatives to hazardous chemicals to interact. The Marketplace can also serve as a powerful tool for connecting companies and forging new potential partnerships.

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