Chem, Phys and Biological Agents at Work Directive - Indicative OELVs

EU. Indicative OELVs, Directive 91/322/EEC on establishing indicative limit values by implementing Directive 80/1107/EEC, last amended by Directive 2017/164/EU, 1 Feb 2017

This Directive is based on Directive 80/1107/EEC, which was repealed and replaced by Directive 98/24/EC. It sets out limit values for certain substances in its Annex. The limit values for 17 of these substances were later on transferred to Directive 2006/15/EC. The current Directive establishes values for a reference period of eight hours for 6 substances

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Substance Name EC No. CAS No. Long-term Exposure Limit (LTEL) Values
mg/m3 ppm
0.1 mg/m3

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