Summary of Classification and Labelling
Notified classification and labelling
General Information
EC / List no.

EC: European Community number/ List no.: List number assigned by ECHA.

List Numbers are purely technical identifiers for processing a submission via REACH-IT. More information:

Name CAS Number
The CAS number associated with this substance in the EC Inventory and/or REACH-IT is reported here. In some cases, e.g. for differently hydrated forms of the same substance, alternative CAS numbers have been notified. In those cases, the additional CAS numbers are published in the column ´┐Żadditional notified information´┐Ż below.
215-251-3 Zinc sulphide 1314-98-3

Notified classification and labelling according to CLP criteria
Classification Labelling Specific Concentration limits, M-Factors Notes Classification affected by Impurities / Additives

This check appears when a notifier has indicated that an impurity or an additive present in the substance impacts the notified classification. ECHA cannot reveal the identity of the impurity/additive or determine the exact impact it has on the classification.

Additional Notified Information

State/form: The notified state/form of the substance for all notifications classifying in this manner is reported under this link. Additional CAS number(s): Occasionally, a notification contains a different CAS number than the one reported under the general information section above. In those cases, all different notified CAS numbers associated with the aggregated classification are reported under this link. IUPAC name(s): Publicly available IUPAC names from all notifications classifying in this manner are reported under this link.

Number of Notifiers

This number indicates how many companies notified this classification. All members of a REACH registration joint submission and all participants in a group of manufacturers/importers who notified are counted. The grouping is done automatically with no manual verification.

Joint Entries

This check appears when a classification comes from a lead dossier of a REACH registration joint submission. When a member submits a classification separately under Article 11(3) of REACH (opt-out), this classification is displayed separately and not marked as a joint entry.

Hazard Class and Category Code(s) Hazard Statement Code(s) Hazard Statement Code(s) Supplementary Hazard Statement Code(s) Pictograms, Signal Word Code(s)
Not Classified               770 yes  
  NA 33 View details
Skin Sens. 1 H317 H317 GHS09
26 View details
Resp. Sens. 1 H334 H334
Aquatic Chronic 1 H410 H410
Eye Irrit. 2 H319 H319 GHS07
20 View details
STOT SE 3 H335 (other:respirato...) H335 Wng
20 View details
Aquatic Acute 1 H400 H400
Acute Tox. 4 H332 H332 GHS07
7 View details
  NA EUH031
1 View details
  NA EUH032
1 View details
Acute Tox. 3 H331 H331 GHS09
1 View details
Aquatic Acute 1 H400 H400

Number of Aggregated Notifications: 9