Summary of Classification and Labelling
Notified classification and labelling
General Information
EC / List no.
Name CAS Number
222-307-0 (±)-β,3,4-trihydroxyphenethylammonium [R-(R*,R*)]-hydrogen tartrate 3414-63-9

Notified classification and labelling according to CLP criteria
Classification Labelling Specific Concentration limits, M-Factors Notes Classification affected by Impurities / Additives

Additional Notified Information

Number of Notifiers

Joint Entries

Hazard Class and Category Code(s) Hazard Statement Code(s) Hazard Statement Code(s) Supplementary Hazard Statement Code(s) Pictograms, Signal Word Code(s)
Flam. Sol. 1 H228 H228 GHS02
2 yes View details
Acute Tox. 3 H301 H301
Acute Tox. 3 H311 H311
Acute Tox. 2 H330 H330
STOT SE 1 H370 (vascular system) (inhalation) H370
Acute Tox. 2 H300 H300 GHS06
38 View details
Acute Tox. 2 H310 H310
Acute Tox. 1 H330 H330

Number of Aggregated Notifications: 2