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Export Notifications

Export Notifications

It is possible to search for export notifications by year, exporting EU member state, importing country, chemical and/or mixture name, and type of chemical. A refined search is also possible by using multiple search criteria. 

Note: The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020; however, in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement, EU law continued to apply to that territory until 31 December 2020.

In searching for exports notified by companies registered in the United Kingdom until 31 December 2020, please note that the United Kingdom is listed as an “Exporting Country”.

As of 1 January 2021, a distinction is drawn between the “United Kingdom (Great Britain)” and the “United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)”. This reflects the Protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland – and the fact that the PIC Regulation continues to apply to Northern Ireland. Specifically, as of 1 January 2021, the “United Kingdom (Great Britain)” is listed as an “Importing Country” for exports from the EU to the United Kingdom. By contrast, “United Kingdom (Northern Ireland)” is listed as an “Exporting Country”.

Your search for "245-986-5, 24017-47-8, Triazophos" returned 22 results.

Showing 22 results.
2008 France Benin CYPERMETHRIN_7%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2008 France Benin CYPERMTHRIN_3%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2008 France Senegal Triazophos_37%,Cypermethrine_7%,Acetamipride_1.5% Mixture
2009 France Benin CYPERMETHRIN_7%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2009 France Benin CYPERMTHRIN_3%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2009 France Benin Cypermethrin_7%_Triazophos_25% Mixture
2009 France Cameroon Triazophos 40% environ Mixture
2009 France Senegal TRIAZOPHOS_76% Mixture
2009 France Senegal Triazophos_37%,Cypermethrine_7%,Acetamipride_1.5% Mixture
2010 France Benin CYPERMETHRIN_7%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2010 France Cameroon Triazophos 40% environ Mixture
2010 France Côte D'Ivoire TRIAZOPHOS_76% Mixture
2010 France Senegal TRIAZOPHOS_76% Mixture
2011 France Benin CYPERMETHRIN_7%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2011 France Cameroon Triazophos 40% environ Mixture
2011 France Côte D'Ivoire TRIAZOPHOS_76% Mixture
2011 France Senegal TRIAZOPHOS_76% Mixture
2012 France Benin CYPERMETHRIN_7%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2012 France Cameroon Triazophos 40% environ Mixture
2012 France Senegal TRIAZOPHOS_76% Mixture
2013 France Benin CYPERMETHRIN_7%_TRIAZOPHOS_30% Mixture
2013 France Senegal Triazophos Substance
Showing 22 results.

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