Registered substances

Registered substances

Registered substances

In this table, you will find all public data submitted to ECHA in REACH registration dossiers by substance manufacturers, importers, or their representatives, as laid out by the REACH Regulation (see Understanding REACH regulation).

ECHA makes available this information as REACH registered substance factsheets, which contain the full set of non-confidential information from related registration dossiers for a substance. Depending on the number of registrations that have been made for a substance, one factsheet can thus represent data from anything between hundreds of registration dossiers in a joint submission, to data from just one registration dossier.

As noted in the Legal Notice of the ECHA website, ECHA does not give any guarantees or warranties regarding the quality and correctness of the published information. The information in the portal is published ‘as provided’ by industry, and its accuracy has not been verified by ECHA. ECHA is also not in a position to intervene with, edit or correct the published data; this can only be done by the registrant responsible for its submission. Please also note that the information may be protected and its use may require prior permission from its owner (see the ECHA website Legal Notice more details).

In the portal results table are presented:

  • Public substance identity – the best available non-confidential substance name, EC, and CAS numbers.
  • Registration status – indicating the calculated registration status: Active - being actively manufactured or imported to the EEA; Cease manufacture - is no longer being manufactured or imported, but still considered to have a valid registration under REACH, and capable of resuming manufacture or import at any time; or No longer valid - no longer considered registered under REACH and not currently permitted to be manufactured or imported to the EEA unless and until properly registered again.
  • Registration type – indicating whether a given factsheet contains data from a REACH full registration, REACH intermediate registration, or only a limited set of data inherited from a NONS notification.
  • Submission type – indicating whether the data in a given factsheet was submitted jointly or individually.
  • Total tonnage band – calculated per factsheet from all contributing registrations, based on the estimated quantity of the substance placed on the market. Data is excluded from dossiers where the tonnage is claimed confidential, from Intermediate registration dossiers, and from NONs which have not been updated.
  • Last updated – indicating the date on which this registered substance factsheet was last modified with new or updated data, based on an industry submission.
  • Link to the full factsheet.

A subset of the key chemical properties (physico-chemical, environmental fate, ecotoxicological and toxicological data) of registered substances can be searched and accessed via the OECD eChemPortal.

Please note:
  • The ‘Substance has nanoform’ search filter returns all factsheets containing any data related to nanomaterials. NB: This does not mean that a registration covering nanoforms has been submitted in line with the revised annexes of REACH. Since 1 January 2020, before manufacturing or importing a nanoform of a substance, the operators concerned must submit the required nano-specific information to ECHA in a new or updated registration dossier.
  • Please be aware that the annual IUCLID format change is coming soon. We will be adapting the Dissemination platform to the new format, which means that as of 15th October 2021 until early 2022 there will be a break in publication of newly submitted registration dossiers. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.
Last updated 13 October 2021. Database contains 23445 unique substances and contains information from 104978 dossiers.
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Substance data
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416-260-7 147613-95-4 Active NONS Individual Tonnage data confidential 29-10-2012 View substance registered dossier
828-701-4 39200-53-8 Active Intermediate Individual Intermediate use only 11-09-2018 View substance registered dossier
940-673-6 1391764-61-6 Active Full Individual ≥ 1 to < 10 tonnes 20-01-2015 View substance registered dossier
438-530-3 5343-44-2 Active Full Individual ≥ 1 to < 10 tonnes 10-02-2011 View substance registered dossier
213-637-6 996-50-9 Active Intermediate Individual Intermediate use only 10-02-2020 View substance registered dossier
406-610-7 62478-82-4 Cease Manufacture NONS Individual Cease manufacture 22-08-2011 View substance registered dossier
N,N-dimethyl-3-(1-naphthyloxy)-3-(2-thienyl)propan-1-amine oxalate
689-979-9 116817-12-0 Cease Manufacture Intermediate Individual Cease manufacture 13-12-2012 View substance registered dossier
213-156-1 927-62-8 Cease Manufacture Full Individual Cease manufacture 06-06-2016 View substance registered dossier
200-679-5 68-12-2 Cease Manufacture Intermediate Individual Cease manufacture 13-08-2013 View substance registered dossier
N,N-diorgano dithiocarbamate molybdenum complex;canola oil acid amide of branched 1,3-propanediamine,N-[3-(tridecyloxy)-propyl];reaction mass of: mono- and di-glycerols of canola oil
434-240-6 - Active NONS Individual Tonnage data confidential 15-12-2008 View substance registered dossier
Registrant/Supplier Address Country Registration Status Name EC / List no. CAS no. Last update year Details
ExponentOR37I Block 1, Blanchardstown Corporate Park Ballycoolen Road, Blanchardstown D15 AKK1 Dublin Ireland Ireland Active N,N-di-n-butyl-2-(1,2-dihydro-3-hydroxy-6-isopropyl-2-quinolylidene)-1,3-dioxoindan-5-carboxamide 416-260-7 147613-95-4 2011; 2012 View substance registered dossier
MinAscent Leuna Production GmbH Am Haupttor Gebäude 4208 06237 Leuna Germany Germany Active N,N-dibutyl-4,6-dichloro-1,3,5-triazin-2-amine 828-701-4 39200-53-8 - View substance registered dossier
TOYO INK EUROPE SPECIALTY CHEMICALS Boulevard Dambourney 76350 Oissel France France Active N,N-dibutyl-4-[4-(4-chlorophenyl)-3,6-dioxo-2,3,5,6-tetrahydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrol-1-yl]benzamide 940-673-6 1391764-61-6 - View substance registered dossier
Sanko Europe GmbH Friedensstrasse 5 D-60311 Frankfurt am Main NRW Germany Germany Active N,N-dibutyldodecanamide 438-530-3 5343-44-2 - View substance registered dossier
Chemische Fabrik Karl Bucher GmbH An der Guenz 1 89367 Waldstetten Germany Germany Active N,N-diethyl-1,1,1-trimethylsilylamine 213-637-6 996-50-9 2019; 2020 View substance registered dossier
BASF SE Carl-Bosch-Str. 38 67056 Ludwigshafen am Rhein Rheinland-Pfalz Germany Germany Cease Manufacture N,N-diethyl-N',N'-dimethylpropan-1,3-diamine 406-610-7 62478-82-4 2019 View substance registered dossier
OLON Spa Strada Rivoltana Km 6/7 20053 RODANO Milano Italy Italy Cease Manufacture N,N-dimethyl-3-(1-naphthyloxy)-3-(2-thienyl)propan-1-amine oxalate 689-979-9 116817-12-0 2014 View substance registered dossier
OQ Chemicals Produktion GmbH & Co. KG Otto-Roelen-Str. 3 46147 Oberhausen NRW Germany Germany Cease Manufacture N,N-dimethylbutylamine 213-156-1 927-62-8 2017 View substance registered dossier
ALCHEMIE INDUSTRIES CHEMICAL SPAIN, S.L. Atlantida, 21 1º3º 08930 Sant Adria de Besos Spain Spain Cease Manufacture N,N-dimethylformamide 200-679-5 68-12-2 2013 View substance registered dossier
CS Regulatory Ireland Ltd. in its legal capacity as Only Representative of LANXESS Canada Co.\Cie Alexandra House The Sweepstakes D04 C7H2 Dublin Ballsbridge Ireland Ireland Active N,N-diorgano dithiocarbamate molybdenum complex;canola oil acid amide of branched 1,3-propanediamine,N-[3-(tridecyloxy)-propyl];reaction mass of: mono- and di-glycerols of canola oil 434-240-6 - - View substance registered dossier

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