EU. IPPC: Annexes V, VI, VIII (2010/75/EU)

This database contains emission limit values for polluting substances in waste gases and waste water, assigned according to facility type (i.e., combustion plants (Annex V), waste incineration/co-incineration plants (Annex VI), and installations producing titanium dioxide (Annex VIII)), under Directive 2010/75/EU on Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - IPPC).

Nickel;Nickel compounds

EC / List no: 231-111-4 CAS no: 7440-02-0
VI Annex VI (Directive 2010/75/EU) Technical provisions relating to waste incineration plants and waste co-incineration plants
Expressed As
As nickel
Industrial plant
Waste incineration plants and waste co-incineration plants
Part 5 (VI) Emission limit values for discharges of waste water from the cleaning of waste gases
Water limit
0.5 mg/l

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