IPPC, Annexes V, VI, VIII - Provisions relating to industrial plants

This database contains emission limit values for polluting substances in waste gases and waste water, assigned according to facility type (i.e., combustion plants (Annex V), waste incineration/co-incineration plants (Annex VI), and installations producing titanium dioxide (Annex VIII)), under Directive 2010/75/EU on Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - IPPC).

Lead compounds

EC / List no: - CAS no: -
VI Annex VI (Directive 2010/75/EU) Technical provisions relating to waste incineration plants and waste co-incineration plants
Antimony, arsenic, lead, chromium, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel and vanadium and their compounds
Average period
A minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 8 hours
Average limit
0.5 mg/nm3
Expressed As
As lead
Industrial plant
Waste incineration plants
Part 3 (VI) Air emission limit values for waste incineration plants
21 All emission limit values shall be calculated at a temperature of 273,15 K, a pressure of 101,3 kPa and after correcting for the water vapour content of the waste gases.They are standardised at 11 % oxygen in waste gas except in case of incineration of mineral waste oil as defined in point 3 of Article 3 of Directive 2008/98/EC, when they are standardised at 3 % oxygen, and in the cases referred to in Point 2.7 of Part 6

22 These average values cover also the gaseous and the vapour forms of the relevant heavy metal emissions as well as their compounds

24 Emission limit value defined as total emission limit for the total sum of antimony, arsenic, lead, chromium, cobalt, copper, manganese, nickel and vanadium, expressed as average value over the sampling period

39 For technical provisions regarding 'Monitoring of emissions' see Part 6 (Annex VI). For 'Formula to calculate the emission concentration at the standard percentage oxygen concentration' see Part 7 (Annex VI). For 'Assessment of compliance with emission limit values' see Part 8 (Annex VI) Directive 2010/75/EU

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Group members
This group of substance has the following member substances:
Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
Lead chloride oxide 235-383-5 12205-72-0 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid, (H3-As-O4), lead(4+) salt (4:3) - 53404-12-9 Expert judgement
Lead, C6-19-branched carboxylate naphthenate complexes 274-302-8 70084-67-2 Expert judgement
Dilead chromate dihydroxide 234-628-3 12017-86-6 Expert judgement
Silicic acid (H2SiO3), calcium salt (1:1), lead and manganese-doped 309-535-7 100402-96-8 Expert judgement
Lead dibenzoate 212-841-2 873-54-1 Expert judgement
Leach residues, zinc ore-calcine, zinc cobalt
Residue from treatment of calcined zinc ore concentrates with antimony trioxide, zinc dust, lead oxide and copper sulfate. Consists primarily of zinc and a composite of metallics: cobalt, copper and lead.
273-769-5 69012-72-2 Expert judgement
Naphthenic acids, lead manganese salts 262-983-4 61788-52-1 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C14-26, lead salts 296-911-8 93165-26-5 Expert judgement
Lead, C5-23-branched carboxylate naphthenate complexes 280-542-4 83711-46-0 Expert judgement
Perchloric acid, reaction products with lead oxide (PbO) and triethanolamine 309-027-5 99749-31-2 Expert judgement
Lead diniobium hexaoxide 234-814-4 12034-88-7 Expert judgement
Benzenesulfonic acid, 4-C10-13-sec-alkyl derivs., lead(2+) salts 284-665-4 84961-75-1 Expert judgement
Lead diundec-10-enoate 303-968-5 94232-40-3 Expert judgement
198Pb - 16646-00-7 Expert judgement
Sulfuric acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 292-204-3 90583-07-6 Expert judgement
Speiss, lead-zinc 298-759-8 93821-72-8 Expert judgement
Lead cyanamide 252-377-8 35112-70-0 Expert judgement
Lead, isodecanoate naphthenate complexes 291-561-2 90431-38-2 Expert judgement
Octadecanoic acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 291-696-7 90459-52-2 Expert judgement
Naphthenic acids, lead (2+) salts 293-365-2 91078-81-8 Expert judgement
Grounding oil - 68152-99-8 Expert judgement
Plumbane, bis(acetyloxy)dibutyl- - 2587-84-0 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, tall-oil, lead salts 262-986-0 61788-54-3 Expert judgement
Lead hexafluoro-silicate - 1310-03-8 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), lead(2+) salt (4:5) - 89054-03-5 Expert judgement
Isooctanoic acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 293-985-3 91671-83-9 Expert judgement
Naphthenic acid, cobalt lead manganese salt - 61789-50-2 Expert judgement
Lead chloride (PbCl) - 13931-84-5 Expert judgement
Lead selenate 231-199-4 7446-15-3 Expert judgement
1H-1,2,3-Triazole-5-methanol, .alpha.,.alpha.-dimethyl-1-[4-(triphenylplumbyl)butyl]- - 73826-06-9 Expert judgement
Lead dibromate 251-796-3 34018-28-5 Expert judgement
1,3,5-triazine-2,4,6(1H,3H,5H)-trione, lead salt 259-227-0 54554-36-8 Expert judgement
Lead succinate 214-732-5 1191-18-0 Expert judgement
Plumbylium, diethylmethyl- - 105956-70-5 Expert judgement
Silicic acid, calcium salt, lead and manganese-doped 310-036-1 102110-36-1 Expert judgement
Isodecanoic acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 293-984-8 91671-82-8 Expert judgement
Lead tungsten tetraoxide 231-849-7 7759-01-5 Expert judgement
1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 290-588-7 90193-83-2 Expert judgement
Lead methacrylate 258-041-7 52609-46-8 Expert judgement
Dodecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-195-3 90342-56-6 Expert judgement
Isodecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-536-6 90431-14-4 Expert judgement
[phthalato(2-)]dioxotrilead 273-688-5 69011-06-9 Expert judgement
Butyl-diethyl-methylplumbane - 65122-13-6 Expert judgement
Hexadecanoic acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 291-389-8 90388-10-6 Expert judgement
199Pb - 27486-00-6 Expert judgement
Flue gases, lead-zinc blast furnace
The off-gases from the zinc/lead blast furnace. Consists primarily of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
298-735-7 93821-47-7 Expert judgement
Lead fumarate 237-220-3 13698-55-0 Expert judgement
Lead, isodecanoate neodecanoate complexes, basic 291-562-8 90431-39-3 Expert judgement
Lead, isooctanoate neodecanoate complexes 309-808-0 101013-06-3 Expert judgement
barium calcium cesium lead samarium strontium bromide chloride fluoride iodide europium doped 431-780-4 199876-46-5 Expert judgement
Octadecanoic acid, lead(2+) salt, tribasic 257-645-8 52080-60-1 Expert judgement
Lead 2,4,6-trinitro-m-phenylene dioxide 239-290-0 15245-44-0 Expert judgement
Phenol, tetrapropylene-, lead(2+) salt - 122332-23-4 Expert judgement
Lead, di-mu-hydroxy(2-methyl-4,6-dinitrophenolato-kappaO)(nitrato-kappaO)di- - 96471-22-6 Expert judgement
Lead telluride 215-247-1 1314-91-6 Expert judgement
Octanoic acid, lead salt 239-790-9 15696-43-2 Expert judgement
Lead chloride silicate 254-443-1 39390-00-6 Expert judgement
Lead fluoride (VAN) - 53096-04-1 Expert judgement
Petrolatum (petroleum), oxidized, lead salt 266-853-8 67674-14-0 Expert judgement
203Pb - 14687-25-3 Expert judgement
Sulfurous acid, lead salt, dibasic 263-467-1 62229-08-7 Expert judgement
1,2-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, lead(2+) salt - 18608-34-9 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, castor-oil, hydrogenated, lead salts 294-297-6 91697-36-8 Expert judgement
Lead chromate 231-846-0 7758-97-6 Expert judgement
Ethanesulfonic acid, 2-hydroxy-, lead(2+) salt (2:1) - 72437-77-5 Expert judgement
Lead, isononanoate isooctanoate complexes, basic 284-573-4 84929-94-2 Expert judgement
Lead, isodecanoate isooctanoate complexes, basic 291-560-7 90431-37-1 Expert judgement
Chromium lead molybdenum oxide sulfate, silica-modified - 116565-73-2 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C16-18, lead salts 292-966-7 91031-62-8 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, lead(2+) salt, monohydrate - 15773-48-5 Expert judgement
Trilead diarsenate 222-979-5 3687-31-8 Expert judgement
Lead oxide sulfate 235-803-7 12765-51-4 Expert judgement
Lead carbonate 247-054-3 25510-11-6 Expert judgement
Neodecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-667-9 90459-25-9 Expert judgement
Tetraphenyllead 209-871-3 595-89-1 Expert judgement
Lead difluoride 231-998-8 7783-46-2 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, lead sinter dust scrubber 274-639-0 70514-37-3 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) tellurium tetraoxide 237-573-3 13845-35-7 Expert judgement
Calcines, lead-zinc ore conc.
A thermally agglomerated substance formed by heating a mixture of metal sulfide concentrates, limestone, sand, furnace dross, miscellaneous zinc, lead and copper bearing materials, together with already roasted material to a temperature of 1000°C to 1200°C (538°F to 649°F).
305-411-1 94551-62-9 Expert judgement
Lead 3-(acetamido)phthalate 298-872-2 93839-98-6 Expert judgement
Lead carbonate 209-943-4 598-63-0 Expert judgement
Linseed oil, lead manganese salt 271-394-1 68553-17-3 Expert judgement
Dicalcium lead tetraoxide 234-591-3 12013-69-3 Expert judgement
Lead maleate 242-832-9 19136-34-6 Expert judgement
Lead silicate sulfate - 12687-78-4 Expert judgement
Hexanoic acid, 3,5,5-trimethyl-, lead(2+) salt, basic 271-108-5 68515-77-5 Expert judgement
Diantimony trilead octaoxide 236-845-9 13510-89-9 Expert judgement
Residues, copper speiss acid leaching
The product obtained by acid leaching of copper speiss. Composed primarily of antimony, arsenic and lead with high precious metal content.
309-643-4 100656-54-0 Expert judgement
(2-ethylhexanoato-O)(isodecanoato-O)lead 304-166-8 94246-92-1 Expert judgement
Lead, C4-10-fatty acid octanoate complexes 295-918-3 92200-92-5 Expert judgement
Myristic acid, lead salt 243-788-3 20403-41-2 Expert judgement
Lead oxalate 212-413-5 814-93-7 Expert judgement
2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, lead salt, basic 292-141-1 90552-19-5 Expert judgement
Resin acids and Rosin acids, calcium salts, polymers with lead resinates and sapond. linseed oil - 68139-27-5 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C8-12, lead salts 283-980-4 84776-53-4 Expert judgement
Lead 2,4-dihydroxybenzoate 244-118-2 20936-32-7 Expert judgement
Decanoic acid, lead salt 243-789-9 20403-42-3 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), lead(4+) salt (3:2) - 10102-48-4 Expert judgement
Lead, C8-10-branched fatty acids C9-11-neofatty acids naphthenate complexes, overbased 291-550-2 90431-27-9 Expert judgement
Lead bis(4-cyclohexylbutyrate) 263-663-7 62637-99-4 Expert judgement
2-ethylhexanoic acid, lead salt 241-076-7 16996-40-0 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C4-20-branched, lead salts - 125328-49-6 Expert judgement
1,3-Benzenediol, 2-nitro-, lead salt, basic 685-313-6 68411-33-6 Expert judgement
Lead chloride - 12612-47-4 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, copper conc. roasting off gas scrubbing, lead-mercury-selenium-contg.
The product obtained by the purification of copper ore concentrate roasting offgas. Composed primarily of lead, mercury and selenium.
310-062-3 102110-61-2 Expert judgement
Lead oxide 215-626-1 1335-25-7 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate naphthenate complexes, basic 291-557-0 90431-34-8 Expert judgement
Lead oxide sulfate 234-853-7 12036-76-9 Expert judgement
Orthoboric acid, lead(2+) salt 252-594-8 35498-15-8 Expert judgement
Lead tetraacetate 208-908-0 546-67-8 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, 4-methyl-, lead(4+) salt - 15516-84-4 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, lead(2+) salt, trihydrate 612-031-2 6080-56-4 Expert judgement
Plumbane, tetrakis(1-methylpropyl)- - 65151-08-8 Expert judgement
Hexadecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-388-2 90388-09-3 Expert judgement
(2-ethylhexanoato-O)(isononanoato-O)lead 304-165-2 94246-91-0 Expert judgement
Lead arsenite 233-083-9 10031-13-7 Expert judgement
Lead palmitate 243-135-2 19528-55-3 Expert judgement
Lead, dross, copper-rich
A scum formed on the surface of molten copper.
273-925-2 69227-11-8 Expert judgement
Tetramethyllead 200-897-0 75-74-1 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, 2-butyl, lead(2+) salt - 91187-55-2 Expert judgement
Lead, isodecanoate isononanoate complexes, basic 291-559-1 90431-36-0 Expert judgement
Plumbane dichlorodiethyl- 621-088-2 13231-90-8 Expert judgement
Lead bis(nonylphenolate) 276-725-3 72586-00-6 Expert judgement
Lead, bis(dipropylcarbamodithioato-S,S')-, (T-4)- - 70995-63-0 Expert judgement
Lead dibromide 233-084-4 10031-22-8 Expert judgement
Hexaethyldiplumbane 219-216-3 2388-00-3 Expert judgement
Silicic acid (H2Si2O5), barium salt (1:1), lead-doped
with lead (Pb) content above the applicable generic concentration limit for ’toxicity for reproduction’ Repr. 1A (CLP) or category 1 (DSD),the substance is a member of the group entry of lead compounds, with index number 082-001-00-6 in Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008
272-271-5 68784-75-8 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, 3-methyl-, lead(4+) salt - 34295-32-4 Expert judgement
Sulfuric acid, lead(2+) lead(4+) salt (3:1:1) - 35830-81-0 Expert judgement
Lead dicyanide 209-742-1 592-05-2 Expert judgement
Plumbane, chlorotripropyl- - 1520-71-4 Expert judgement
Nitric acid, lead(2+) salt, reaction products with sodium tin oxide 308-406-2 97953-08-7 Expert judgement
(maleato)trioxotetralead 235-549-7 12275-07-9 Expert judgement
Lead phosphite 240-176-8 16038-76-9 Expert judgement
Docosanoic acid, lead salt 221-834-3 3249-61-4 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) tellurium trioxide 239-964-4 15851-47-5 Expert judgement
Bis(o-acetoxybenzoato)lead 263-548-1 62451-77-8 Expert judgement
Carbamodithioic acid, dipentyl-, lead(2+) salt - 109707-90-6 Expert judgement
Leach residues, precious metal recovery lead refining
Salt extract from the treatment of speiss refining residue with aqua regia followed by alkali fusion. Consists of precious metals and their salts.
273-813-3 69029-72-7 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) silicate 233-246-4 10099-76-0 Expert judgement
Speiss, lead
Substance resulting from the smelting of lead and its alloys obtained from primary and secondary sources and including recycled plant intermediates. Composed primarily of arsenic, lead and iron and may contain other residual non-ferrous metals and their compounds.
282-366-3 84195-61-9 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) selenite 231-300-1 7488-51-9 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate isodecanoate complexes, basic 291-552-3 90431-30-4 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C6-19-branched, lead salts, basic 271-675-9 68603-83-8 Expert judgement
Lead 12-hydroxyoctadecanoate 265-492-3 65127-78-8 Expert judgement
Acetoxytributylplumbane 219-970-3 2587-82-8 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C8-18 and C18-unsatd., lead salts 283-962-6 84776-36-3 Expert judgement
Dehydrated castor oil fatty acids, glycerine, C36 fatty acid dimers, litharge polymer - 70879-91-3 Expert judgement
Antimonial lead - 69029-50-1 Expert judgement
Gold and silver bullion.
273-793-6 69029-47-6 Expert judgement
Lead dinitrate 233-245-9 10099-74-8 Expert judgement
Chromic acid (H2CrO4), lead(2+) potassium salt (2:1:2) - 13845-31-3 Expert judgement
Dilead dirhodium heptaoxide 253-421-9 37240-96-3 Expert judgement
Plumbylium, trimethyl- - 14570-16-2 Expert judgement
Lead chromate molybdate sulfate red
This substance is identified in the Colour Index by Colour Index Constitution Number, C.I. 77605.
235-759-9 12656-85-8 Expert judgement
Lead propionate 255-883-7 42558-73-6 Expert judgement
Dilead diruthenium hexaoxide 253-389-6 37194-88-0 Expert judgement
Acetoxytriphenylplumbane 214-601-2 1162-06-7 Expert judgement
Phosphonic acid, lead(2+) salt - 24824-71-3 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C8-10-branched, lead salts, basic 270-063-9 68409-79-0 Expert judgement
2-Propenoic acid, 2-methyl-, methyl ester, polymer with ethenylbenzene, lead(2+) 2-methyl-2-propenoate (1:2) and alpha-(2-methyl-1-oxo-2-propen-1-yl)-omega-((2-methyl-1-oxo-2-propen-1-yl)oxy)poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl) - 68155-47-5 Expert judgement
5,5,13,13-tetradehydro-4,5-dihydro-4,8,10,15-tetranitro-7,11-metheno-11H,13H-tetrazolo[1,5-c][1,7,3,5,2,6]dioxadiazadiplumbacyclododecine 243-204-7 19651-80-0 Expert judgement
Wastes, lead battery reprocessing
Material obtained during the recycling of exhausted lead storage batteries. Consists primarily of oxides and sulfates of lead and lead alloys.
305-445-7 94551-99-2 Expert judgement
UNDECANSAEURE-PB(II)-SALZ - 63400-07-7 Expert judgement
Citric acid, lead salt 238-432-9 14450-60-3 Expert judgement
214Pb - 15067-28-4 Expert judgement
Triethylmethylplumbane 217-171-4 1762-28-3 Expert judgement
Lead dilactate 242-666-7 18917-82-3 Expert judgement
205Pb - 14119-28-9 Expert judgement
Plumbane, tributylchloro- - 13302-14-2 Expert judgement
Lead nitrite 237-528-8 13826-65-8 Expert judgement
210Pb - 14255-04-0 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, lead, electrolytic
Substance resulting from the electrolytic refining of lead obtained from primary and secondary sources and including recycled plant intermediates. Composed primarily of lead, antimony and precious metals and may contain other residual non-ferrous metals and their compounds.
282-365-8 84195-60-8 Expert judgement
Lead bis(5-oxo-DL-prolinate) 286-936-2 85392-78-5 Expert judgement
Lead, C4-10-fatty acid naphthenate complexes 281-936-9 84067-00-5 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, lead refining
Product of neutralizing lead refining wastes to precipitate heavy metals.
273-833-2 69029-93-2 Expert judgement
Lead selenide 235-109-4 12069-00-0 Expert judgement
Phosphonic acid, lead salt, basic 258-787-3 53807-64-0 Expert judgement
Oils, fish, lead salts 271-396-2 68553-63-9 Expert judgement
Glycine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, lead(2+) salt (1:1) - 79849-02-8 Expert judgement
Lead oxide (PbO), retort
Oxidation product of metals in lead refinery retort. Consists primarily of oxides of lead, antimony and zinc.
273-797-8 69029-53-4 Expert judgement
Lead diphenyl acid propionate - 56764-40-0 Expert judgement
Lead sulphite 231-196-8 7446-10-8 Expert judgement
Lead molybdate 233-459-2 10190-55-3 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, tallow, hydrogenated, lead salts 271-722-3 68605-98-1 Expert judgement
Lead, bis[bis(1-methylethyl)carbamodithioato-S,S']-, (T-4)- - 30051-53-7 Expert judgement
Phosphorodithioic acid, mixed O,O-bis(Bu and pentyl) esters, lead(2+) salt 295-087-7 91783-10-7 Expert judgement
Cadmium sulfide (CdS), solid soln. with zinc sulfide, copper and lead-doped 269-773-1 68332-81-0 Expert judgement
Trilead bis(orthophosphate) 231-205-5 7446-27-7 Expert judgement
Lead ditantalum hexaoxide 235-065-6 12065-68-8 Expert judgement
Trilead bis(carbonate) dihydroxide 215-290-6 1319-46-6 Expert judgement
Dihydroxy[styphnato(2-)]dilead 235-642-2 12403-82-6 Expert judgement
Chlorotriethylplumbane 213-925-1 1067-14-7 Expert judgement
Sulfuric acid, lead salt, tetrabasic 258-142-6 52732-72-6 Expert judgement
Lead bis(2-ethylhexanoate) 206-107-0 301-08-6 Expert judgement
Lead(II) methylthiolate 252-324-9 35029-96-0 Expert judgement
3-(triphenylplumbyl)-1H-pyrazole 256-968-1 51105-45-4 Expert judgement
Orange lead 215-235-6 1314-41-6 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, reaction products with lead oxide (PbO), silica and sulfuric acid 273-052-7 68937-05-3 Expert judgement
Lead ores, concs., leached
The residue obtained from leaching of a lead concentrate or ore to remove some of the soluble elements such as arsenic or iron. Composed primarily of lead but also containing other non-ferrous metals and gangue constituents.
310-049-2 102110-48-5 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) (R)-12-hydroxyoleate 236-010-9 13094-04-7 Expert judgement
Lead pentadecanoate 301-027-3 93966-74-6 Expert judgement
Tetracosanoic acid, lead(2+) salt - 28267-01-8 Expert judgement
Lead phthalocyanine 628-401-1 15187-16-3 Expert judgement
[Diacetyloxy(phenyl)plumbyl] acetate - 3076-54-8 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) 4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)benzoate 286-637-7 85292-77-9 Expert judgement
Lead(II) isodecanoate 284-345-4 84852-34-6 Expert judgement
Hexaphenyldiplumbane 221-505-4 3124-01-4 Expert judgement
Lead, C5-23-branched carboxylate octanoate complexes 281-935-3 84066-99-9 Expert judgement
Ethanedioic acid, lead salt - 15843-48-8 Expert judgement
Lead acetate 239-379-4 15347-57-6 Expert judgement
202Pb - 15752-86-0 Expert judgement
Lead acrylate 238-458-0 14466-01-4 Expert judgement
Lead cyanamidate 244-099-0 20890-10-2 Expert judgement
Phosphoric acid, lead salt - 16040-38-3 Expert judgement
Lead, naphthenate neodecanoate complexes 291-567-5 90431-43-9 Expert judgement
LEAD HYDROXIDE - 39345-91-0 Expert judgement
7-methyloctanoic acid, lead salt 308-331-5 97952-39-1 Expert judgement
Hexanoic acid, dimethyl-, lead(2+) salt, basic 270-498-4 68442-95-5 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, fluoro-, triethyllead salt - 562-95-8 Expert judgement
Chromium lead oxide sulfate, silica-modified - 116565-74-3 Expert judgement
Decanoic acid, branched, lead salts 291-160-2 90342-24-8 Expert judgement
Lead dichlorite - 13453-57-1 Expert judgement
Diantimony lead tetroxide 240-499-4 16450-50-3 Expert judgement
Sulfurous acid, lead salt, basic 257-762-4 52231-92-2 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C9-11-branched, lead salts 279-755-5 81412-57-9 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, tall-oil, lead manganese salts 262-985-5 61788-53-2 Expert judgement
Lead dioleate 214-310-0 1120-46-3 Expert judgement
Lead hydrogenorthophosphate 239-952-9 15845-52-0 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) neodecanoate 275-836-4 71684-29-2 Expert judgement
9-Octadecenoic acid (Z)-, lead salt, basic 291-735-8 90459-88-4 Expert judgement
Butyl(triethyl)plumbane - 64346-32-3 Expert judgement
Phosphoric acid, calcium salt (1:1), solid soln. with calcium chloride, calcium fluoride, calcium oxide, phosphorus oxide (P2O5) and strontium oxide, lead and manganese-doped 310-002-6 102047-25-6 Expert judgement
Lead, bis(2-hydroxybenzoato-O1,O2)-, monohydrate, (T-4)- - 6107-93-3 Expert judgement
Lead phthalate 229-927-0 6838-85-3 Expert judgement
Lead diiodide 233-256-9 10101-63-0 Expert judgement
Ethanedioic acid, lead(2+) salt (1:1), trihydrate - 128226-81-3 Expert judgement
Lead sulphide 215-246-6 1314-87-0 Expert judgement
Lead bis(tetrafluoroborate) 237-486-0 13814-96-5 Expert judgement
Residues, lead smelting
Residues from processing equipment used in a lead refinery. Consist primarily of lead and lead oxide.
273-821-7 69029-79-4 Expert judgement
Lead dichloride 231-845-5 7758-95-4 Expert judgement
Lead, triethyl-, oleate - 63916-98-3 Expert judgement
Lead diperchlorate 237-125-7 13637-76-8 Expert judgement
Slags, precious metal recovery lead refining
Inorganic slags produced from treatment of calcined scrap metals and oxides with borax, litharge and sodium carbonate followed by fusion.
273-826-4 69029-85-2 Expert judgement
Lead cyanamidate 244-073-9 20837-86-9 Expert judgement
Lead(II) bis(methanesulfonate) 401-750-5 17570-76-2 Expert judgement
(2-ethylhexanoato-O)(neodecanoato-O)lead 304-167-3 94246-93-2 Expert judgement
Plumbane, tetrakis(1-methylethyl)- - 14846-40-3 Expert judgement
Residues, lead roaster
Roaster hearth cleanings or barrings from lead refining. Consist primarily of cadmium, thallium and lead and oxides of cadmium, thallium, calcium and arsenic.
273-820-1 69029-78-3 Expert judgement
Naphthenic acids, lead salts, basic 295-449-4 92045-67-5 Expert judgement
Bis(pentane-2,4-dionato-O,O')lead 239-323-9 15282-88-9 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) (Z)-hexadec-9-enoate 299-256-6 93858-24-3 Expert judgement
2-Butenedioic acid (Z)-, lead(2+) salt, basic 290-869-4 90268-66-9 Expert judgement
Formic acid, lead salt 230-336-5 7056-83-9 Expert judgement
[μ-(4,6-dinitroresorcinolato(2-)-O1,O3)]dihydroxydilead 284-297-4 84837-22-9 Expert judgement
Tetraethyllead 201-075-4 78-00-2 Expert judgement
Lead, dross, bismuth-rich
A scum formed on the surface of molten lead during the process of removing bismuth by the addition of calcium and magnesium. It consists of lead containing calcium and magnesium bismuthides.
273-792-0 69029-46-5 Expert judgement
Lead phthalate 240-321-5 16183-12-3 Expert judgement
Hafnium lead trioxide 234-735-5 12029-23-1 Expert judgement
Lead sulfide - 39377-56-5 Expert judgement
Hydroxy(neodecanoato-O)lead 275-988-1 71753-04-3 Expert judgement
Residues, lead-zinc smelting wastewater treatment
Product of hydrolysis and neutralisation of zinc/lead smelter waste waters. Consists primarily of cadmium hydroxide, calcium sulfate, calcium sulfite, iron hydroxide, lead hydroxide and zinc hydroxide.
305-425-8 94551-79-8 Expert judgement
Nonanoic acid, lead salt - 41234-07-5 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, copper-lead ore roasting off gas scrubbing, arsenic-contg.
The product obtained by the purification of copper-lead ore concentrate roasting offgas. Composed primarily of arsenic oxide (As2O3).
310-063-9 102110-62-3 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) decanoate 239-867-7 15773-52-1 Expert judgement
Lead, zinc dross 305-409-0 94551-60-7 Expert judgement
Hexacosanoic acid, lead salt 301-357-8 94006-20-9 Expert judgement
1H-Imidazole, 1-(tributylplumbyl)- - 16128-42-0 Expert judgement
Lead dioxide 215-174-5 1309-60-0 Expert judgement
3,5,5-trimethylhexanoic acid, lead salt 245-788-9 23621-79-6 Expert judgement
Lead hydrogen arsenate 232-064-2 7784-40-9 Expert judgement
Lead distearate 214-005-2 1072-35-1 Expert judgement
Lead (II) hydroxide salicylate - 87903-39-7 Expert judgement
Fumes, lead
Residue produced in lead smelting operations from the volatillsation of lead from materials smelted. Consists primarily of chlorides and oxides of antimony, arsenic and zinc.
305-414-8 94551-66-3 Expert judgement
Tetralead trioxide sulphate 235-380-9 12202-17-4 Expert judgement
Isooctanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-549-7 90431-26-8 Expert judgement
2,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid 2-hydroxybenzoic acid copper plumbane 614-455-3 68411-07-4 Expert judgement
Lead silicate 245-090-4 22569-74-0 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C8-10-branched, lead salts 285-212-3 85049-42-9 Expert judgement
Lead, isooctanoate neodecanoate complexes, basic 284-575-5 84929-95-3 Expert judgement
Tetrabutylplumbane 217-649-2 1920-90-7 Expert judgement
Neodecanoic acid, lead salt 248-369-9 27253-28-7 Expert judgement
Lead, dross, vanadium-zinc-contg. 309-638-7 100656-49-3 Expert judgement
Plumbane, dichlorodimethyl- - 1520-77-0 Expert judgement
211Pb - 15816-77-0 Expert judgement
Lead di(acetate) 206-104-4 301-04-2 Expert judgement
Carboxylic acids, tall-oil, lead salts, basic - 68603-93-0 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, lead(2+) salt, dihydrate - 22723-52-0 Expert judgement
Lead bis(5-oxo-L-prolinate) 286-935-7 85392-77-4 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C8-9, lead salts 292-964-6 91031-60-6 Expert judgement
Lead oxide sulfate (Pb4O3(SO4)), monohydrate - 12397-06-7 Expert judgement
Dilead chromate oxide 242-339-9 18454-12-1 Expert judgement
Lead, triphenyl(phenylthio)- (7CI) 654-801-0 15590-77-9 Expert judgement
Naphthalenesulfonic acid, dinonyl-, lead(2+) salt - 61867-68-3 Expert judgement
Lead bis(dipentyldithiocarbamate) 253-068-0 36501-84-5 Expert judgement
Diphenyllead dichloride 218-325-3 2117-69-3 Expert judgement
(isononanoato-O)(neodecanoato-O)lead 305-385-1 94481-58-0 Expert judgement
Lead naphthenate 256-790-4 50825-29-1 Expert judgement
Lead dimyristate 250-924-5 32112-52-0 Expert judgement
Isooctanoic acid, lead salt 264-931-6 64504-12-7 Expert judgement
Lead bis(p-octylphenolate) 282-756-3 84394-98-9 Expert judgement
Lead(IV) fluoride 232-012-9 7783-59-7 Expert judgement
Hexanoic acid, 2-ethyl-, lead(2+) salt, basic 271-106-4 68515-76-4 Expert judgement
Lead hydroxide nitrate 235-543-4 12268-84-7 Expert judgement
Gum rosin, litharge polymer - 68952-91-0 Expert judgement
Pyrochlore, antimony lead yellow
This substance is identified in the Colour Index by Colour Index Constitution Number, C.I. 77588.
232-382-1 8012-00-8 Expert judgement
Lauric acid, lead salt 239-344-3 15306-30-6 Expert judgement
Nitroresorcinol, lead salt 257-133-4 51317-24-9 Expert judgement
Lead icosanoate (1:2) 304-438-6 94266-31-6 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) 4,6-dinitro-o-cresolate 265-460-9 65121-76-8 Expert judgement
9-Hexadecenoic acid, lead(2+) salt, (Z)-, basic 291-395-0 90388-15-1 Expert judgement
Lead oleate 239-378-9 15347-55-4 Expert judgement
201Pb - 17239-87-1 Expert judgement
Lead titanium zirconium oxide 235-727-4 12626-81-2 Expert judgement
Nonanoic acid, lead(2+) salt - 63400-08-8 Expert judgement
Lead, bis(acetato-O)tetrahydroxytri- 215-630-3 1335-32-6 Expert judgement
[μ-[[5,5'-azobis[1H-tetrazolato]](2-)]]dihydroxydilead 301-376-1 94015-57-3 Expert judgement
Triethyllead acetate 624-392-3 2587-81-7 Expert judgement
Lead(II) fumarate 275-845-3 71686-03-8 Expert judgement
[phthalato(2-)]oxodilead 260-590-2 57142-78-6 Expert judgement
Tungstate (WO42-), calcium (1:1), (T-4)-, lead-doped 272-255-8 68784-53-2 Expert judgement
Carbamodithioic acid, phenylethyl-, lead salt - 75790-73-7 Expert judgement
Pentalead tetraoxide sulphate 235-067-7 12065-90-6 Expert judgement
Plumbane, tetrahydroxy- - 29491-37-0 Expert judgement
Lead, isononanoate naphthenate complexes, basic 291-563-3 90431-40-6 Expert judgement
Lead, decanoate octanoate complexes 274-558-0 70321-55-0 Expert judgement
Boric acid (H3BO3), lead(2+) salt (2:3) - 91388-81-7 Expert judgement
Naphthenic acids, lead salts 263-109-4 61790-14-5 Expert judgement
2-(2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-3,6-dihydroxyxanthen-9-yl)benzoic acid, lead salt 215-415-4 1326-05-2 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, lead salt, basic 257-175-3 51404-69-4 Expert judgement
Boric acid, lead salt - 12676-62-9 Expert judgement
Lead, dross, antimony-rich
A scum or slag formed on the surface of molten lead during the process of removing antimony along with arsenic by oxidation with air. It consists of antimony, arsenic and lead oxides.
273-791-5 69029-45-4 Expert judgement
Chlorotrimethylplumbane 216-187-9 1520-78-1 Expert judgement
Plumbate(1-), [N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)glycinato(3-)-N,O,O',O'']-, sodium, (T-4)- - 53113-58-9 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) octanoate 230-784-1 7319-86-0 Expert judgement
triethylplumbanecarbonitrile 667-806-8 13732-17-7 Expert judgement
Lead icosanoate 304-439-1 94266-32-7 Expert judgement
Matte, precious metal 308-506-6 98072-52-7 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, tallow, reaction products with lead oxide 305-196-4 94349-78-7 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) neononanoate 299-747-5 93894-48-5 Expert judgement
Acetoxytrimethylplumbane 227-200-2 5711-19-3 Expert judgement
Lead tetracosanoate 300-989-1 93966-38-2 Expert judgement
α-d-Glucopyranose, 1-(dihydrogen phosphate), lead salt 272-655-2 68901-12-2 Expert judgement
Lead dipalmitate 239-870-3 15773-56-5 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) sebacate 249-660-3 29473-77-6 Expert judgement
Lead oxide (PbO), lead-contg. 270-148-0 68411-78-9 Expert judgement
Lead disulphamidate 237-379-9 13767-78-7 Expert judgement
Phenol, lead(2+) salt (2:1) - 20534-94-5 Expert judgement
Lead germanate 235-666-3 12435-47-1 Expert judgement
Lead titanium trioxide 235-038-9 12060-00-3 Expert judgement
Lead tartrate 212-426-6 815-84-9 Expert judgement
1H-Pyrrole, 1-(triphenylplumbyl)- - 56240-93-8 Expert judgement
Lead tin trioxide 234-844-8 12036-31-6 Expert judgement
Lead, isononanoate naphthenate complexes 284-577-6 84929-97-5 Expert judgement
Sulfuric acid, barium salt (1:1), lead-doped 308-972-0 99328-54-8 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), lead(4+) salt (2:1), monohydrate - 33940-95-3 Expert judgement
Stearic acid, lead salt 231-068-1 7428-48-0 Expert judgement
Residues, lead smelting wastewater treatment
Material obtained during waste water treatment in lead production. Consists primarily of lead with additional metal carbonates, hydroxides, sulfides or sulfates.
305-424-2 94551-78-7 Expert judgement
Bismuth, refinery lead chloride residues
By-product of the refining of bismuth. Principally lead chloride with salts and compounds of various metals.
273-803-9 69029-61-4 Expert judgement
Oils, menhaden, lead salts 270-321-0 68424-76-0 Expert judgement
Diethyllead - 24952-65-6 Expert judgement
(isodecanoato-O)(isooctanoato-O)lead 304-158-4 94246-85-2 Expert judgement
Matte, copper-lead
Substance produced as a by-product of lead smelting operations. Consists primarily of copper sulfide with significant amounts of lead sulfide and precious metals.
305-422-1 94551-74-3 Expert judgement
Lead, bullion 308-011-5 97808-88-3 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, battery scrap, antimony- and lead-rich
A product obtained by the treatment of battery scraps to recover lead. Composed primarily of oxides and sulfates of antimony and lead.
310-061-8 102110-60-1 Expert judgement
Lead bis(3,5,5-trimethylhexanoate) 252-746-3 35837-70-8 Expert judgement
Isononanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-543-4 90431-21-3 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) ethylphenyldithiocarbamate 299-550-4 93892-65-0 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, 2-methyl-, lead salt - 76925-97-8 Expert judgement
Octadecanoic acid, barium lead salt - 73105-55-2 Expert judgement
Lead strontium titanium zirconium oxide - - Expert judgement
Octadecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-695-1 90459-51-1 Expert judgement
Lead zirconium trioxide 235-039-4 12060-01-4 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, methyl-, lead(2+) salt - 27496-91-9 Expert judgement
Chromic acid (H2CrO4), lead(2+) sodium salt (2:1:2) - 93215-61-3 Expert judgement
Matte, copper-lead, tellurium-contg.
A matte obtained from reduction of copper electrolysis sludge from which selenium has been removed with coal. Composed primarily of copper, lead and tellurium.
309-642-9 100656-53-9 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, reaction products with capric acid, carpylic acid, coconut oil, and hydrogenated tallow fatty acids, calcium, lead salts - 68784-59-8 Expert judgement
Spinels, boron calcium lead silicon white
An inorganic pigment that is the reaction product of high temperature calcination in which boron oxide, calcium oxide, lead (II) oxide, and silicon oxide in varying amounts are homogeneously and ionically interdiffused to form a crystalline matrix of spinel.
271-410-7 68555-05-5 Expert judgement
Lead diazide 236-542-1 13424-46-9 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C12-18, lead salts 268-622-7 68131-60-2 Expert judgement
2',4',5',7'-Tetrabromofluorescein lead salt - 51868-24-7 Expert judgement
Lead dipicrate 229-335-2 6477-64-1 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, 4-methyl-, lead(2+) salt - 58274-53-6 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate isononanoate complexes, basic 291-553-9 90431-31-5 Expert judgement
Lead thiosulphate 236-780-6 13478-50-7 Expert judgement
Lead bis(tetracosylbenzenesulphonate) 288-691-7 85865-91-4 Expert judgement
Disodium lead N,N'-ethylenebis[N-(carboxylatomethyl)aminoacetate] 245-314-0 22904-40-1 Expert judgement
Barium bismuth lead niobium titanium oxide - 68987-33-7 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) nitroresorcinolate 274-521-9 70268-38-1 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, lead-zinc blast furnace, offgas wet cleaning
Product generated from the wet cleaning of off-gases from the zinc/lead blast furnace. Consists primarily of zinc and lead in metallic or oxide form with varying amounts of other elements and compounds.
298-758-2 93821-70-6 Expert judgement
Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), lead salt - 7645-25-2 Expert judgement
Isononanoic acid, lead salt 248-376-7 27253-41-4 Expert judgement
Bis(diethyldithiocarbamato-S,S')lead 241-534-6 17549-30-3 Expert judgement
Flue dust, lead-refining
By-product of refining lead ores obtained from baghouse and electro-static precipitator and as slurry from scrubbers.
273-809-1 69029-67-0 Expert judgement
Chromic acid (H2CrO4), lead(2 ) salt - 15804-54-3 Expert judgement
Neononanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-668-4 90459-26-0 Expert judgement
Lead bis(2-ethylhexanolate) 298-879-0 93840-04-1 Expert judgement
Dibismuth dilead tetraruthenium tridecaoxide 234-358-6 11116-83-9 Expert judgement
Pentanoic acid, 2-propyl-, lead(2+) salt - 87835-32-3 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate isooctanoate complexes, basic 291-554-4 90431-32-6 Expert judgement
Lead hydroxide (Pb(OH)) - 108350-80-7 Expert judgement
Sulphuric acid, lead salt 239-831-0 15739-80-7 Expert judgement
Ferrate (2-), [N,N-bis[2-(bis(carboxymethyl)amino)ethyl]glycinato (5-)]-, disodium - 12565-18-3 Expert judgement
Zinc, desilverizing skims
Crusts formed on the surface of cooling molten lead during the desilverizing of lead.
273-802-3 69029-60-3 Expert judgement
Lead silicate 240-047-6 15906-71-5 Expert judgement
Chloric acid, lead(2+) salt, monohydrate - 13510-96-8 Expert judgement
Lead hexafluorosilicate 247-278-1 25808-74-6 Expert judgement
Leach residues, lead slag
Residues from leaching slag from a lead refinery with caustic soda and sulfuric acid. Consists primarily of sodium sulfate, tellurium compounds and lead sulfate.
273-812-8 69029-71-6 Expert judgement
Lead, antimonial, dross
A scum formed on the surface of antimonial lead. Consists primarily of sodium arsenate and sodium antimonate with some lead oxide and free caustic soda.
273-795-7 69029-51-2 Expert judgement
Bismuth, compound with lead (1:1) 234-980-8 12048-28-1 Expert judgement
Flue dust, lead blast furnace 274-633-8 70514-05-5 Expert judgement
Tin alloy - 39412-44-7 Expert judgement
Glycine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, lead(2+) potassium salt (1:1:1) - 79915-08-5 Expert judgement
Lead tetrachloride - 13463-30-4 Expert judgement
(2-Methyl-4,6-dinitrophenoxy)(nitrooxy)diplumboxane monohydrate - 79357-62-3 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) acrylate 212-760-2 867-47-0 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate neodecanoate complexes, basic 291-558-6 90431-35-9 Expert judgement
Leach residues, zinc ore, lead-contg.
Insoluble substance obtained during dissolution of zinc ores or concentrate in sulfuric acid for the production of zinc sulfate solutions after physical separation such as flotation and filtration.
293-314-4 91053-49-5 Expert judgement
Methanesulfonic acid, lead salt - 95860-12-1 Expert judgement
Phosphoric acid, mixed Bu and hexyl diesters, lead(2+) salts 300-328-7 93925-27-0 Expert judgement
Ethyltrimethylplumbane 217-169-3 1762-26-1 Expert judgement
Benzoic acid, 2-methyl-, lead(2+) salt - 52337-73-2 Expert judgement
Lead diformate 212-371-8 811-54-1 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C8-10, lead salts 292-965-1 91031-61-7 Expert judgement
Thiosulphuric acid, lead salt 247-566-7 26265-65-6 Expert judgement
Diethyldimethylplumbane 217-170-9 1762-27-2 Expert judgement
Trilead dicitrate 208-141-1 512-26-5 Expert judgement
212Pb - 15092-94-1 Expert judgement
Plumbane, acetoxytripropyl- 654-802-6 13266-07-4 Expert judgement
Antimony, compound with lead (1:1) 235-536-6 12266-38-5 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) dodecylphenolate 271-610-4 68586-21-0 Expert judgement
Lead, C9-28-neocarboxylate 2-ethylhexanoate complexes, basic - 125494-56-6 Expert judgement
Isoundecanoic acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 293-986-9 91671-84-0 Expert judgement
Benzenesulfonic acid, hydroxy-, lead salt - 82696-30-8 Expert judgement
Lead disodium dioxide 234-800-8 12034-30-9 Expert judgement
Sulphuric acid, barium lead salt 255-896-8 42579-89-5 Expert judgement
Lead oxide (Pb2O3) - 1314-27-8 Expert judgement
Dilead dioxide - 35229-41-5 Expert judgement
Lead bis(piperidine-1-carbodithioate) 255-438-7 41556-46-1 Expert judgement
Flue dust, copper-lead blast furnace, cadmium-indium-enriched
A cadmium-indium-enriched product obtained from the recirculation of copper-lead blast furnace flue dusts. Composed primarily of cadmium, indium and lead.
309-645-5 100656-55-1 Expert judgement
Lead bromide chloride - 13778-36-4 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) isohexadecanoate 306-073-8 95892-13-0 Expert judgement
Hexafluorosilicate(2-), lead(2+) (1:1), tetrahydrate - 83689-82-1 Expert judgement
Octanoic acid, branched, lead salts, basic 271-698-4 68604-56-8 Expert judgement
Flue dust, lead-manufg., cadmium-rich
Residue obtained in the metallurgical treatment of lead concentrate in a lead blast furnace. The substance is composed of cadmium oxides, lead oxides, and impurities containing compounds of arsenic, chlorine, indium and tellurium.
285-554-3 85117-02-8 Expert judgement
Lead, alkyls, manufg. wastes 274-632-2 70513-89-2 Expert judgement
Lead(II)citrate 3-hydrate 629-552-6 6107-83-1 Expert judgement
Lead sulphate 231-198-9 7446-14-2 Expert judgement
Trilead dioxide phosphonate 235-252-2 12141-20-7 Expert judgement
Barium oxide (BaO), solid soln. with calcium oxide, strontium oxide and tungsten oxide (WO3), lead-doped 310-023-0 102110-24-7 Expert judgement
Dioxobis(stearato)dilead 260-043-8 56189-09-4 Expert judgement
Lead divanadium hexaoxide 233-248-5 10099-79-3 Expert judgement
Phosphonic acid, lead(2+) salt (2:1) - 15521-60-5 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, capric acid, caprylic acid, coconut oil, hydrogenated tallow fatty acids, calcium-lead complex salt - - Expert judgement
Flue dust, zinc-refining
By-product of refining of zinc ores consisting primarily of zinc, lead and iron.
273-760-6 69012-63-1 Expert judgement
1H-Isoindole-1,3(2H)-dione, 4,5,6, 7-tetrachloro-2-(triethylplumbyl)- - 73928-23-1 Expert judgement
Slags, lead-zinc smelting
Substance formed by processing of chiefly oxidic material with lead and zinc content in a rotating furnace. Consists primarily of Al2O3, CaO, Fe, FeO and SiO2 with other nonferrous compounds as well as carbon.
297-907-9 93763-87-2 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate naphthenate complexes 291-556-5 90431-33-7 Expert judgement
Slags, lead reverbatory smelting
By-product from the smelting of lead ores, scrap lead or lead smelter dross. Consists primarily of oxides and silicates of antimony and lead.
273-800-2 69029-58-9 Expert judgement
Residues, precious metal refining cementation
The residues obtained by the addition of aluminum or zinc to end liquors obtained from secondary refining of gold, iridium, osmium, palladium, platinum, rhenium, ruthenium or silver. Composed primarily of the precious metals, ammonium chloride and chlorides of aluminum, magnesium and zinc.
310-051-3 102110-50-9 Expert judgement
Silicic acid, lead salt 234-363-3 11120-22-2 Expert judgement
Lead dibutanolate 265-457-2 65119-94-0 Expert judgement
Lead hydroxide oxide phosphite (Pb3(OH)O(PO3)), hydrate (2:1) - 1344-40-7 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) isooctadecanoate 274-822-5 70727-02-5 Expert judgement
Plumbylium, ethyldimethyl- - 103730-90-1 Expert judgement
Lead, 2-ethylhexanoate tall-oil fatty acids complexes 269-090-9 68187-37-1 Expert judgement
Plumbane, tripropyl- - 6618-03-7 Expert judgement
Gilsonite, linseed oil polymer, lead salt - 68989-89-9 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, coco, lead salts 295-368-4 92044-89-8 Expert judgement
Dilead oxide 235-036-8 12059-89-1 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) 2,4-dinitroresorcinolate 236-498-3 13406-89-8 Expert judgement
Gilsonite, polymer with cyclopentadiene, dicyclopentadiene and linseed oil, lead salts - 68956-49-0 Expert judgement
Lead, isooctanoate naphthenate complexes 271-110-6 68515-80-0 Expert judgement
Lead disulphide 235-241-2 12137-74-5 Expert judgement
Lead diphosphinate 233-664-7 10294-58-3 Expert judgement
2-Propanesulfonic acid, 1-hydroxy-, lead salt - 133988-90-6 Expert judgement
Lead metaborate 238-762-3 14720-53-7 Expert judgement
9H-Carbazole, 9-(triphenylplumbyl)- - 56240-91-6 Expert judgement
Plumbane, [(4-aminobenzoyl)oxy]triethyl- - 73928-17-3 Expert judgement
Lead isophthalate 254-128-9 38787-87-0 Expert judgement
209Pb - 14119-30-3 Expert judgement
Lead(II) maleate 241-430-0 17406-54-1 Expert judgement
Plumbane, butyltrimethyl- - 54964-75-9 Expert judgement
Matte, lead
Substance resulting from the smelting of lead and its alloys obtained from primary and secondary sources and including recycled plant intermediates. Composed primarily of iron and lead (mainly in sulfide form) and may contain other residual non-ferrous metals and their compounds.
282-356-9 84195-51-7 Expert judgement
Lead 5-nitroterephthalate 262-308-3 60580-60-1 Expert judgement
(isodecanoato-O)(neodecanoato-O)lead 304-161-0 94246-87-4 Expert judgement
Lead diiodate 247-168-3 25659-31-8 Expert judgement
Lead alloy, base, Pb,Sn, dross
Oxides formed during melting, refining, and casting of solders. Major constituents are oxides of tin, lead and antimony; minor constituents are iron, nickel, sulfur, arsenic, copper and silver.
273-701-4 69011-60-5 Expert judgement
Resin acids and Rosin acids, lead salts 232-714-5 9008-26-8 Expert judgement
(neononanoato-O)(neoundecanoato-O)lead 299-764-8 93894-64-5 Expert judgement
Lead bis(12-hydroxystearate) 261-238-0 58405-97-3 Expert judgement
Lead dibutyrate 212-462-2 819-73-8 Expert judgement
Trimethyl lead - 7442-13-9 Expert judgement
Butyl-ethyl-dimethylplumbane - 65122-14-7 Expert judgement
Lead dipropionate 212-400-4 814-70-0 Expert judgement
Cyclo-di-μ-oxo(μ-phthalato)trilead 241-894-4 17976-43-1 Expert judgement
1H-Indole, 1-(triphenylplumbyl)- - 56240-92-7 Expert judgement
1-Propanesulfonic acid, 2-hydroxy-, lead salt - 114601-64-8 Expert judgement
Lead dilaurate 239-869-8 15773-55-4 Expert judgement
Lead, C5-23-branched carboxylate naphthenate octanoate complexes 280-544-5 83711-47-1 Expert judgement
Lead, diacetoxydiethyl- (7CI) - 15773-47-4 Expert judgement
Phenol, 2-methyldinitro-, lead salt - 50319-14-7 Expert judgement
Plumbane, triethyl[[(4-methylphenyl)sulfonyl]oxy]- - 43135-86-0 Expert judgement
Lead alloy, base, dross
A scum formed on the surface of molten lead-base alloys. Includes those cases in which aluminum is used to remove arsenic, nickel and antimony.
273-700-9 69011-59-2 Expert judgement
Bismuth lead ruthenium oxide 265-645-4 65229-22-3 Expert judgement
Tetradecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 292-267-7 90583-65-6 Expert judgement
Lead, isononanoate neodecanoate complexes, basic 291-564-9 90431-41-7 Expert judgement
Slags, tellurium
Product of treating molten lead with sodium salts. Consists primarily of sodium-tellurium salts in various states of oxidation.
273-828-5 69029-86-3 Expert judgement
Lead picrate (dry) 684-862-9 25721-38-4 Expert judgement
9-Octadecenoic acid, lead(2+) salt, (E)- - 69637-83-8 Expert judgement
2-Butenedioic acid (E)-, lead(2+) salt, basic 290-862-6 90268-59-0 Expert judgement
Lead, isodecanoate naphthenate complexes, basic 309-793-0 101012-92-4 Expert judgement
Leach residues, copper-lead
Substance formed by the oxidative leaching of lead- and copper-containing materials with sulfuric acid. Consists primarily of lead sulfates and other lead compounds with lesser amounts of other non-ferrous compounds.
305-420-0 94551-72-1 Expert judgement
Phosphoric acid, lead(2+) salt (2:1) - 16180-04-4 Expert judgement
Frits, chemicals
Frit is a mixture of inorganic chemical substances produced by rapidly quenching a molten, complex combination of materials, confining the chemical substances thus manufactured as nonmigratory components of glassy solid flakes or granules. This category includes all of the chemical substances specified below when they are intentionally manufactured in the production of frit. The primary members of this category are oxides of some or all of the elements listed below. Fluorides of these elements may also be included in combination with these primary substances.@Aluminum@Manganese@Antimony@Molybdenum@Arsenic@Neodymium@Barium@Nickel@Bismuth@Niobium@Boron@Phosphorus@Cadmium@Potassium@Calcium@Silicon@Cerium@Silver@Chromium@Sodium@Cobalt@Strontium@Copper@Tin@Gold@Titanium@Iron@Tungsten@Lanthanum@Vanadium@Lead@Zinc@Lithium@Zirconium@Magnesium
266-047-6 65997-18-4 Expert judgement
Acetic acid, oleic acid, candelilla wax, tallow, calcium-lead complex salt 614-927-9 69103-03-3 Expert judgement
(R)-3,5,6-trihydroxy-4,6-bis(3-methylbut-2-enyl)-2-(3-methyl-2-oxobutyl)cyclohexa-2,4-dien-1-one, lead salt 272-654-7 68901-11-1 Expert judgement
22-Tricosenoic acid, lead(2+) salt - 76835-98-8 Expert judgement
200Pb - 16645-99-1 Expert judgement
(isodecanoato-O)(isononanoato-O)lead 304-160-5 94246-86-3 Expert judgement
Lead bis(isononanoate) 258-222-0 52847-85-5 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C6-19-branched, lead salts 292-897-2 91002-20-9 Expert judgement
Lead C3-13-alkanecarboxylate naphthenate complexes 616-735-0 79803-79-5 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, precious metal refining 308-516-0 98072-61-8 Expert judgement
Sulfurous acid, lead(2+) salt, basic 292-237-3 90583-37-2 Expert judgement
[Nitrooxy(diphenyl)plumbyl] nitrate - 41825-28-9 Expert judgement
Plumbane, (4-azidobutyl)triphenyl- - 16035-39-5 Expert judgement
Plumbane, dibutyldiethyl- - 65121-94-0 Expert judgement
Diacetoxydiphenylplumbane 230-052-1 6928-68-3 Expert judgement
Lead, neononanoate neoundecanoate complexes, basic 291-568-0 90431-44-0 Expert judgement
Lead, bis[bis(2-methylpropyl)carbamodithioato-S,S']-, (T-4)- - 69090-73-9 Expert judgement
Speiss, lead, nickel-contg.
Product obtained and separated during the melting of nickel and other non-ferrous metals containing raw materials. Consists primarily of antimonides and arsenides of copper and nickel.
308-765-5 98246-91-4 Expert judgement
(9Z,12Z)-octadeca-9,12-dienoic acid, lead salt 241-077-2 16996-51-3 Expert judgement
Chromium lead oxide - 11119-70-3 Expert judgement
Phosphorodithioate O,O-bis(1,3-dimethylbutyl), lead salt 243-777-3 20383-42-0 Expert judgement
lead(2+) phosphonate 603-832-8 13453-65-1 Expert judgement
Lead bis(diisononylnaphthalenesulphonate) 264-316-2 63568-30-9 Expert judgement
Lead fluoride hydroxide 308-169-5 97889-90-2 Expert judgement
Lead(4+) stearate 231-740-4 7717-46-6 Expert judgement
Castor oil, dehydrated, polymer with rosin, calcium lead zinc salt - 68604-05-7 Expert judgement
Lead bis(tricosanoate) 300-988-6 93966-37-1 Expert judgement
Plumbane, (4-bromobutyl)triphenyl- - 16035-34-0 Expert judgement
Boric acid (HBO2), lead(2+) salt, monohydrate - 10214-39-8 Expert judgement
Carbonic acid, lead salt - 13427-42-4 Expert judgement
Lead bis(isoundecanoate) 300-979-7 93965-29-8 Expert judgement
Lead sulfite - 25666-92-6 Expert judgement
Lead chromate sulfate (Pb9(CrO4)5(SO4)4) - 51899-02-6 Expert judgement
Lead dithiocyanate 209-774-6 592-87-0 Expert judgement
Waste solids, lead silver anode
The slag or residue obtained when lead/silver anodes used in the electrolytic production of zinc are recast. Fusion of the alloys of lead and silver (manganese may also be present) and simultaneous oxidation occur.
305-449-9 94552-05-3 Expert judgement
Lead, tetrapropyl- - 3440-75-3 Expert judgement
Lead monoxide 215-267-0 1317-36-8 Expert judgement
Silicic acid, chromium lead salt 234-347-6 11113-70-5 Expert judgement
Residues, copper-iron-lead-nickel matte, sulfuric acid-insol. 310-050-8 102110-49-6 Expert judgement
Basic lead sulfite - 12608-25-2 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) 4,4'-isopropylidenebisphenolate 299-255-0 93858-23-2 Expert judgement
Lead hydroxide 243-310-3 19783-14-3 Expert judgement
Dilead silicate sulphate 266-962-0 67711-86-8 Expert judgement
Calcines, lead ore conc.
Sinter formed by heating finely divided lead concentrates and fluxes to a softening condition to agglomerate without fusion.
273-815-4 69029-74-9 Expert judgement
Dilead pyrophosphate 236-629-4 13453-66-2 Expert judgement
Potassium pentadecaoxodiplumbatepentaniobate(1-) 235-618-1 12372-45-1 Expert judgement
Bismuth alloy, Bi 50,Pb 25,Cd 12,Sn 12 (L-pbbi50Sn12.5Cd12.5) - 76093-98-6 Expert judgement
(2-ethylhexanoato-O)(isooctanoato-O)lead 304-164-7 94246-90-9 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) neoundecanoate 299-748-0 93894-49-6 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) heptadecanoate 264-123-3 63399-94-0 Expert judgement
Lead didocosanoate 249-719-3 29597-84-0 Expert judgement
Plumbane, ethyl methyl derivs. 271-852-0 68610-17-3 Expert judgement
Lead sulfochromate yellow
This substance is identified in the Colour Index by Colour Index Constitution Number, C.I. 77603.
215-693-7 1344-37-2 Expert judgement
Dodecairon lead nonadecaoxide 234-684-9 12023-90-4 Expert judgement
silicic acid, lead nickel salt - 68130-19-8 Expert judgement
Lead bis(2,4-dihydroxybenzoate) 255-375-5 41453-50-3 Expert judgement
Fatty acids, C18-24, lead salts 283-982-5 84776-54-5 Expert judgement
Flue dust, lead-tin alloy-manufg.
Volatilized metals generated during smelting and refining of tin-lead alloys. Consists primarily of oxides of lead and tin.
273-758-5 69012-60-8 Expert judgement
Lead benzoate 240-049-7 15907-04-7 Expert judgement
Lead(II) isooctanoate 301-153-9 93981-67-0 Expert judgement
Slimes and Sludges, lead acetate manuf.
The residue obtained from the treatment of lead with acetic acid. Composed primarily of elemental lead, lead acetate and basic lead carbonate hydroxide.
306-241-0 96690-46-9 Expert judgement
Basic lead beta-resorcylate - 68954-05-2 Expert judgement
Lead, isooctanoate naphthenate complexes, basic 291-565-4 90431-42-8 Expert judgement
Lead, C5-23-branched carboxylate C4-10-fatty acid complexes 281-934-8 84066-98-8 Expert judgement
Lead, dross 273-796-2 69029-52-3 Expert judgement
Lead dihexanoate 239-868-2 15773-53-2 Expert judgement
Lead chlorate - 10294-47-0 Expert judgement
Lead bis[didodecylbenzenesulphonate] 288-692-2 85865-92-5 Expert judgement
Linseed oil, polymer with tung oil, lead salt - 68990-75-0 Expert judgement
Trilead chromate silicate 273-689-0 69011-07-0 Expert judgement
Chlorotriphenylplumbane 214-572-6 1153-06-6 Expert judgement
Lead, C5-23-branched carboxylate C4-10-fatty acid naphthenate complexes 280-541-9 83711-45-9 Expert judgement
Slags, lead smelting
Slag formed as the feed progresses through the blast furnace in lead smelting. Consists primarily of metallic elements and oxides of calcium, magnesium and silicon.
273-825-9 69029-84-1 Expert judgement
Lanthanum lead titanium zirconium oxide - 1227908-26-0 Expert judgement
Lead, naphthenate neodecanoate complexes, basic 284-576-0 84929-96-4 Expert judgement
Neoundecanoic acid, lead salt, basic 291-671-0 90459-28-2 Expert judgement
Lead bis(dimethyldithiocarbamate) 242-748-2 19010-66-3 Expert judgement
Lead and Lead compounds (as Pb) - 14931-82-9 Expert judgement
Zinc sulfide (ZnS), copper and lead-doped 271-598-0 68585-90-0 Expert judgement
Boric acid (H3BO3), solid soln. with barium oxide, calcium oxide and strontium oxide, lead and manganese-doped 310-025-1 102110-26-9 Expert judgement
lead(II) perchlorate trihydrate 638-754-3 13453-62-8 Expert judgement
Lead tungsten oxide 235-792-9 12737-98-3 Expert judgement
1-Propanesulfonic acid, 2-hydroxy-, lead(2+) salt (2:1) - 103427-19-6 Expert judgement
Lead dilinoleate 251-602-7 33627-12-2 Expert judgement
Lead, C8-10-branched fatty acids C9-11-neofatty acids naphthenate complexes 291-551-8 90431-28-0 Expert judgement
Lead hydroxide oxide (Pb2(OH)2O) - 1311-11-1 Expert judgement
Trinitrophloroglucinol, lead salt 257-135-5 51325-28-1 Expert judgement
Lead uranate pigment 287-565-9 85536-79-4 Expert judgement
Pigment Lightfast Lead-Molybdate Orange OS (9CI) - 78690-68-3 Expert judgement
Lead(2+) methacrylate 213-949-2 1068-61-7 Expert judgement
Phenol, lead salt - 25987-03-5 Expert judgement
Lead disalicylate 239-839-4 15748-73-9 Expert judgement
(isononanoato-O)(isooctanoato-O)lead 304-157-9 94246-84-1 Expert judgement
Spinels, lead silicon tin zinc white
An inorganic pigment that is the reaction product of high temperature calcination in which lead (II) oxide, silicon oxide, tin (IV) oxide, and zinc oxide in varying amounts are homogeneously and ionically interdiffused to form a crystalline matrix of spinel.
271-412-8 68555-07-7 Expert judgement
Chromic acid lead salt with lead molybdate - - Expert judgement
Lead malate 212-436-0 816-68-2 Expert judgement
p-tert-Butylbenzoic acid lead salt - 3249-60-3 Expert judgement
Residues, precious metal recovery lead refining
Residues from treating lead refinery ores and residues containing precious metals with sodium boroplumbate followed by thermal fusion.
273-822-2 69029-80-7 Expert judgement
Plumbane, bis(methacryloyloxy)dimethyl- - 22515-48-6 Expert judgement
Lead (II) orthosilicate - 13566-17-1 Expert judgement
Glycine, N,N-bis(carboxymethyl)-, lead(2+) salt (2:3) - 79915-09-6 Expert judgement
Dioxobis(stearato)trilead 235-702-8 12578-12-0 Expert judgement
Basic lead chromate orange
This substance is identified in the Colour Index by Colour Index Constitution Number, C.I. 77601.
215-694-2 1344-38-3 Expert judgement

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