IPPC, Annexes V, VI, VIII - Provisions relating to industrial plants

This list contains emission limit values for polluting substances in waste gases and waste water, assigned according to facility type (i.e., combustion plants (Annex V), waste incineration/co-incineration plants (Annex VI), and installations producing titanium dioxide (Annex VIII)), under Directive 2010/75/EU on Industrial Emissions (Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - IPPC). For this list, if a substance presents 2 values in the ''Average sampling duration'' field, these indicate minimum and maximum average sampling period.

Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

EC / List no: - CAS no: 11104-93-1
VI Annex VI (Directive 2010/75/EU) Technical provisions relating to waste incineration plants and waste co-incineration plants
Cement kilns co-incinerating waste
Part 4 (VI) Determination of air emission limit values for the co-incineration of waste
28 All values are standardised at 10 % oxygen

29 Until 1 January 2016, the competent authority may authorise exemptions from the limit value for NOx for Lepol kilns and long rotary kilns provided that the permit sets a total emission limit value for NO x of not more than 800 mg/Nm3

30 All emission limit values shall be calculated at a temperature of 273,15 K, a pressure of 101,3 kPa and after correcting for the water vapour content of the waste gases

39 For technical provisions regarding 'Monitoring of emissions' see Part 6 (Annex VI). For 'Formula to calculate the emission concentration at the standard percentage oxygen concentration' see Part 7 (Annex VI). For 'Assessment of compliance with emission limit values' see Part 8 (Annex VI) Directive 2010/75/EU

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