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Shocks, vibration or movement

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Last updated: 10/10/2020
ECHA Legislation Regulatory Obligations

Regulatory obligations may exist for this substance under the legislations under ECHA’s remit or for which ECHA has delegated tasks (i.e. REACH, CLP, BPR, PIC, CAD / CMD, WFD, and POPs). Please check the substance Infocard.

Protection of Pregnant and Breastfeeding Workers Directive

Protection of Pregnant and Breastfeeding Workers Directive, Annex I+II

This list contains a non-exhaustive inventory of substances to which pregnant workers and workers who have recently given birth or are breastfeeding may not be exposed. Employers are obligated to prevent the exposure of these workers to any agents that may have adverse health effects on either mother or child. The inventory originates from Table 3 of Annex VI to the CLP.

Name CAS CLP (1272/2008) CMRs ECCAR Directive 2004/37/EC EU_BA PREGW Notes  
Shocks, vibration or movement
1 This substance is included in Annex I of Directive 92/85/EEC, the non-exhaustive list of agents, processes and working conditions. For these, the employer must monitor the nature, degree and duration of exposure of workers in order to: assess any risks to the safety or health and any possible effect on the pregnancies or breastfeeding of workers, and decide what measures should be taken.
4 Listed as a particular example in Annex I, point A.1, ''Physical agents...''.

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