PBT assessment list

PBT assessment list

PBT assessment list

ECHA’s persistence, bioaccumulation and toxicity (PBT) assessment list includes the substances undergoing a PBT/vPvB assessment under REACH or the Biocidal Products Regulation that have been brought for discussion to ECHA’s PBT Expert Group.


Explanatory note

For REACH substances, inclusion in the list means that an informal hazard assessment for PBT/vPvB properties either is under development or has been completed since the start of the implementation of the SVHC Roadmap in February 2013.

For each substance, the table shows the assessing or evaluating Member State (submitter), the outcome and the suggested follow-up from the assessment, and the date of the latest update to the list entry.

Other process details and hazard assessment outcome documents are also available and can be accessed through the ‘Details’ icon.

One possible outcome of such an assessment is that a substance is considered not to have PBT/vPvB properties.

If the outcome is that the substance is considered to have PBT/vPvB properties, confirmation through the formal risk management and decision-making processes under REACH/BPR is needed before any regulatory action can be taken due to these properties.

The intentions of authorities to submit a dossier to the formal REACH and CLP processes are notified through the Registry of Intentions. All biocidal active substances have to undergo a formal PBT assessment. You can see the status of biocides assessments on the Biocidal Active Substances page.


The information and views set out in the PBT assessment list and in the hazard assessment outcome documents are those of the evaluating authority and do not necessarily reflect the position or opinion of the other Member States or ECHA. Neither ECHA nor the evaluating authority nor any person acting on either of their behalves may be held liable for the use, which may be made of the information contained therein. Statements made or information contained in the documents are without prejudice to any formal regulatory activities that ECHA or the Member States may initiate at a later stage. PBT assessments and their outcomes are compiled on the basis of information available by the date of the publication of the document.

Perfluorobutane sulfonic acid (PFBS) and its salts

EC / List no: 799-977-0 CAS no: -
Equivalent level of concern having probable serious effects to environment (Article 57 f)
Date of intention
Date of hazard assessment
Hazard assessment outcome document
Perfluorobutane sulfonic acid (PFBS) and its salts has been identified as a SVHCs due to equivalent level of concern having probable serious effects to human health (Article 57(f) - human health) and equivalent level of concern having probable serious effects to the environment (Article 57(f) - environment). For further information please consult the Candidate List published in ECHA website.
Submitter organisation
Norwegian Environment Agency
Submitter email
Submitter phone
Submitter address
Latest update

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Group members
This group of substance has the following member substances:
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Name EC / List no. CAS no. Association
magnesium perfluorobutanesulfonate - 507453-86-3 Official source
lithium perfluorobutanesulfonate - 131651-65-5 Official source
morpholinium perfluorobutanesulfonate - 503155-89-3 Official source
bis(4-tert-butylphenyl)iodonium nonafluorobutane-1-sulfonate 432-660-4 - Official source
tetrabutyl-phosphonium nonafluoro-butane-1-sulfonate 444-440-5 220689-12-3 Official source
1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane-1-sulphonic acid 206-793-1 375-73-5 Official source
1-(4-butoxy-1-naphthyl)tetrahydrothiophenium nonafluorobutane-1-sulfonate 468-770-4 - Official source
Triphenylsulfanium perfluorobutane sulfonate 478-340-8 144317-44-2 Official source
N,N,N-triethylethanaminium 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane-1-sulfonate - 25628-08-4 Official source
Potassium 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane-1-sulphonate 249-616-3 29420-49-3 Official source
Ammonium 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4,4-nonafluorobutane-1-sulphonate 269-513-7 68259-10-9 Official source
dimethyl(phenyl)sulfanium perfluorobutanesulfonate 452-310-4 220133-51-7 Official source

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