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Adsorption / desorption

No experimental data are available for this endpoint, which is mandatory under REACH. However, a scientifically accepted calculation method was used by Chemservice S.A. (2011) to fulfil this data requirement as followed: The adsorption potential to soil of the test substance was determined by using the computer program KOCWIN v2.00 (EPIWIN software) of the US-EPA. The program estimates the organic-normalized sorption coefficient for soil, which is designated as Koc. The following two models are used: the Salbjic molecular connectivity (MCI) method as well as the traditional method which is based on the logPow value of the substance. Due to the implementation of correction factors, the MCI method gives more reliable test results predicting a Koc value of 28.87 L/kg. The traditional method gives a value of 4.118 L/kg. It is noted that these results represent a best-fit to the majority of experimental values. However, Koc value may be influenced by the surrounding pH. The prediction method is regarded to be reliable with restrictions and can be used for the chemical safety assessment.

Henry´s Law Constant

This information is not mandatory under REACH, however, it is possible to predict the distribution between aqueous solution and air for the test substance with the help of the computer program HENRYWIN v3.20 (EPIWIN software) by US-EPA (Chemservice S.A., 2011). The program calculates the Henry´s Law Constant based on the Bond Method of 4.6 E-6 Pa*m³/mol at an ambient temperature of 25 °C. The Group Method shows an "Incomplete Result". Also this type of prediction is a scientifically accepted calculation method and the estimations performed are reliable with restrictions.

Distribution modelling

This information is not available and / or not required under REACH.