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basic toxicokinetics
Data waiving:
study scientifically not necessary / other information available
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Constituent 1
Reference substance name:
Benzenesulfonic acid, mono-C16-24-alkyl derivs., calcium salts
EC Number:
EC Name:
Benzenesulfonic acid, mono-C16-24-alkyl derivs., calcium salts
Cas Number:
sodium 4-icosylbenzenesulfonate

Results and discussion

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Executive summary:

The toxicological profile of this substance, based upon experimental data available for this registration, is of a substance that is not highly toxic to mammalian species with no apparent long term threat. Furthermore, the substance is only ever used neat for the production of formulated products and this is mostly conducted in a closed system. In use, the substance is contained in formulated products at low levels and is therefore considered to be of low exposure. It is therefore considered that any distinct study can be neglected on the basis of animal welfare considerations and it is instead acceptable to provide a summary of effects based upon the available mammalian toxicity data. The study is therefore considered not scientifically justified.