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The substance is observed as white to faint reddish crystals.

Melting point interval: 42-64°C.

The substance decomposes before boiling (164°C).

Relative density at 20ºC: 1.100 ± 0.014.

The particle size distribution (Granulometry) study does not need to be performed as the substance is produced, marketed and used in a non-solid or granular form.

Vapour pressure at 21.2°C, 34.4 °C and 46.2°C was below 0.1 mBar (10 Pa).

The partition coefficient logPow at 22 ± 1ºC: 1.67 ± 0.39 (This does not fall within a range of ± 0.3 as prescribed by the guideline).

Water solubility at 20ºC > 1000 g/l for all three buffer solutions. (pH 4.0, 7.0 & 9.0).

The substance is a solid and therefore no flash point has been determined.

The surface tension at 20ºC is 64.7 ± 2.4.

Flashpoint not applicably.

Autoflammability not applicably.

Not highly flammable.

The substance has a melting point interval at 42-64°C which is below 160ºC and therefore the auto flammability does not need to be determined.

The substance is not explosive.

The substance is not oxidising.

The stability in organic solvents does not need to be tested because it is not considered as critical.

pH of a 50 % w/w solution of IBP1-Na is 13.7.

The dissociation constant pKa at 19.8ºC is 8.25 ± 0.010 (The sample tested contains different impurities and also NaOH as a stabilizer).

Viscosity is a relevant property only for liquids.