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Conclusion on classification

No experimental information is available for cholesterol that can be used for classification purposes. Based on the approach taken in the Chemical Safety Assessment (section 13), cholesterol is concluded not to pose a risk to the environment:

1. Background levels were established in STP influent based on the STP loading due to daily human excretion of cholesterol. The environmental emission routes of all REACH registered uses for cholesterol are via the STP.

2. The background levels calculated from human excretion of cholesterol to the STP influent are compared to the STP loading of cholesterol due to registered uses of cholesterol: the loading values of cholesterol in the STP influent of the registered uses is significantly lower than the calculated background loading values.

3. Based on the above, there is no concern for the use of cholesterol. No PNEC's have to be derived.

4. As no PNECs have to be derived, no hazard data are necessary.

5. As there are no hazard data available, no environmental classification is possible.