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Appearance: Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts is a solid, off-white powder with a slight characteristic odour.

Melting and Boiling point: The melting point is 120 °C. The decomposition of fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts started at 320 °C. Thus, a boiling point could not be determined.

Relative density: The relative density of fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts is 1.16.

Granulometry: The granulometry of a representative test material is summarized as follows: D10: 4.5 µm, D50: 18.7 µm, D90: 37.9 µm

Water solubility: The water solubility of fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts is 338.0 mg/L, resulting in zinc concentrations of 60.83 mg/L.

Surface tension: Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts is a surface-active substance.

Flammability: Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts is not flammable.

As Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts isa salt with a melting point of 120 °C, vapour pressure can be safely assumed to be negligible, i.e. below the level of relevance (10-5Pa).The partition coefficient of this substance is not considered to be relevant.Flash point, explosive properties, self-ignition temperature, oxidising properties, stability in organic solvents and identity of relevant degradation products as well as dissociation constant and viscosity are not relevant for this substance in accordance with column 2 of the respective sections of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006, Annexes VII to IX or Annex XI, section 1.

Additional information

Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts does not need to be classified for physico-chemical properties according to CLP Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008: Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts is not flammable, explosive properties are considered non-relevant based on lack of explosive properties and oxidising properties are considered non-relevant based on the chemical structure.

The structural similar substance "Fatty acids, C16-18, zinc salts (i.e. zinc stearate), relevant for read-across to Fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts, was subject of a EU Risk Assessment. Conclusions from EU RAR Zinc stearate (CAS# 91051-01-3, CAS# 557-05-1) Part I - Environment (Final report R074_0805_env, May 2008; are in line with the conclusions for fatty acids, C8 -10, zinc salts: “Data on boiling point, vapour pressure, and surface tension were not provided. In view of the nature of the substance determination of these parameters is considered to be irrelevant. Information on flammability, explosive properties and oxidizing properties is not available. However, on theoretical considerations the compound is concluded to be not flammable, not explosive and not oxidizing.”