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5 -Chlorovaleryl chloride is expected to rapidly hydrolyse in contact with water to form 5 -chlorovaleric acid (CAS 1119 -46 -6) and hydrogen chloride (CAS 7647 -01 -0). The parent compound is considered for the assessment of the PBT/vPvB properties, because as the substance is considered to rapidly hydrolyse in fact the hydrolysis product was tested. As the PBT/vPvB criteria of Annex XIII do not apply to inorganic substances, hydrogen chloride is not considered for the assessment.

5 -Chlorovaleryl chloride is "not P/vP" as it is readily biodegradable, it is "not B/vB" as it has a log Kow of 1.81 and it is "not T" as the available (NOEC) / EC10 values for aquatic organisms are not <0.01 mg/L nor does it meet the criteria for classification as carcinogenic (category 1A or 1B), germ cell mutagenic (category 1A or 1B), toxic for reproduction (category 1A, 1B or 2) or is there evidence of other chronic toxicity (STOT RE 1, or STOT RE 2).

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