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Result of biodegradation study reports that 1,1,2,2 -tetrachloro-1,2 –difluoroethane is not ready biodegradable. Furthermore, 1,1,2,2 -tetrachloro-1,2 –difluoroethane, as other chlorofluorocarbons, is expected to have an high chemical and thermal stability. As consequence 1,1,2,2 -tetrachloro-1,2 –difluoroethane is expected to have a long residence time in the environment, which may aim diffusion into the stratosphere.

As other CFCs, in the stratosphere 1,1,2,2 -tetrachloro-1,2 –difluoroethane is expected to react with the ozone by photochemically-produced chlorine radicals, resulting in the ozone layer depletion. For this reason, 1,1,2,2 -tetrachloro-1,2 –difluoroethane has been included in the Montreal Protocol.