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IUPAC name:
Alcohols, C6-24 and C6-24-unsatd. even numbered, distn. residues


EC number:
EC name:
Alcohols, C6-24 and C6-24-unsatd., distn. residues
CAS number:
The complex residue resulting from the vacuum distillation of C6-24 and C6-24 unsatd. fatty alcohols which is derived from hydrogenation of C6-24 and C6-24 unsatd. fatty acids methyl esters. It consists predominantly of satd. and unsatd. fatty alcohols having carbon numbers greater than C18, dimerization products, and long chain esters having carbon numbers greater than C32 and boils at > 250°C (482°F) at 10 torr.
CAS number:


Molecular and structural information

Molecular formula:
Not available due to the complexity of the substance
Molecular weight:
>= 270 - <= 850

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