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There are no environmental fate data available for the test substance and data were used in read-across from CAS 100545-48-0 for the evaluation of environmental fate. The detail on the compositional basis for use of read-across is established in the Read-Across Report in section 13. Since the chemical composition of the substances are principally made up of the same components at similar levels, then it is also expected that these technical substances would largely undergo similar fate and behaviour processes in the environment. There are no chemical species known to be unique to either the source or target substances.

The bioaccumulation endpoint is waived on the basis of high insolubility in water. Column 2 of Annex IX of the REACH Regulation states that the substance has a low potential for bioaccumulation and/or low potential to cross biological membranes. The bioaccumulation endpoint was waived due to the technical difficulties of solubilising the test substance in water, but it is also unlikely that the test substance would be bioavailable for uptake by aquatic organisms due to its high insolubility. For this reason the test and read-across substances are not considered to be bioaccumulative (B or vB).

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