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toxicity to terrestrial plants: long-term
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study scientifically not necessary / other information available
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Silicic acid Aluminium Magnesium Sodium Salt did not inhibit respiration of activated sludge significantly.

EC50 for microorganisms:
1 000 mg/L
EC10 or NOEC for microorganisms:
1 000 mg/L

Toxicity to microorganisms is not relevant due to physical and chemical similarity of substance to silicates of natural origin resp. soil.

If released to the environment, silicic acid, aluminum magnesium sodium salt combines indistinguishably with the soil or sediment due to their similarity with inorganic soil and sediment matter, and will be subjected to natural processes under environmental conditions (cation exchange, dissolution, sedimentation). Furthermore the amounts released are negligible in comparison to the release by natural deposit or alteration.

Conclusion: Growth of plants is not affected by silica by-products. No hint for harm on soil mircroorganisms is given.

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