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Substance Endpoint Hexan-1-ol
State of the substance liquid, colourless with typical odour
Melting/ Freezing point - 45°C
Boiling point 155°C
Density 0.8229 g/cm³ at 15.6°C
Vapour pressure

3.64 mBar (364 Pa) at 38°C 

Surface tension 30.21 mN/m at ca. 90% saturated aqueous solution
Water solubility  1300 mg/L at 23°C / pH 5.5
Partition coefficient, logPow


Flash point 60°C 

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Ignition temperature 313°C at atmospheric pressure
Oxidizing Properties  waiving statement
Granulometry  waiving statement
Viscosity (static) 3.64 mm²/s at 40°C

 Stability in organic solvents

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 Dissociation constant pKa 15.8 (QSAR estimation)