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Substance Endpoint 1,2,4-Benzenetricarboxylic acid, mixed dodecyl and octyl triesters
State of the substance  liquid, colourless
Melting/ Freezing point - 24 °C 
Boiling point > 300 °C; decomposition: yes, fog at 338 °C 
Relative density 0.969 at 20 °C 
Vapour pressure

 Cross Reading: ca. 0.000000075 Pa at 20 °C 

Surface tension  Waiving: The water solubility is below 1 mg/l at 20 °C the test does not need to be conducted.
Water solubility  calculated water solubility at 25 °C: 2.644 E-10 mg/L
Partition coefficient, logPow

 Cross Reading: logPow > 10

Flash point 277 °C 
Flammability Waiving:

The structure of the substance shows that the substance does not contain any chemical groups which could lead to a formation of a highly flammable gas in contact with air, vapour or water.

Due to the structure of the substance pyrophoric properties could be excluded. The substance does not contain any chemical group which could lead to spontaneous ignition after contact with air at room temperature (20 °C)

Explosive properties


Due to the chemical structure it could be assumed that the substance has no explosive properties. The substance does not contain chemically instable or high energetic groups which could lead to an explosion.

Ignition temperature  391 °C
Oxidizing Properties Waiving:

Due to the chemical structure of the substance it has to be assumed that the substance has no oxidizing properties. The substance does not contain any chemical groups which could have oxidizing effects

Granulometry Waiving: not relevant for liquids. 
Viscosity at 20 °C (dynamic) 134.9 mPa*s (dynamic)
 Dissociation constant  Waiving:

1,2,4 -Benzenetricarboxylic acid, mixed dodecyl and octyl triesters does not contain functional groups subject to dissociation.