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PBT assessment: overall result

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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

A substance is identified as a PBT substance if it fulfils all criteria described according REACH Annex XIII. 77PD fulfils the T criterion and does not fulfil the P or B criteria. Hence 77PD is not PBT.

A substance is identified as a vPvB substance if it fulfils both the vP and the vB criteria according to REACH Annex XIII. Neither the vP criterion nor the vB criterion is fulfilled. Therefore, 77PD is not vPvB.

The final hydrolysis products p-Hydroquinone 2,4 -Dimethylpentylamine and p-Benzoquinone

is also evaluated and found to be neither PBT nor vPvB. These three substances are known to be readily biodegradable leading to the conclusion that they are not P/vP. Further the logPow values are below in all cases indicating no relevant bioaccumulation potential.

In the aerobic soil simulation study no relevant metabolites were found. In the anaerobic study one relevant metabilite (7QDI) was assessed and not considered as PBT or vPvB.