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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

A substance is identified as a PBT substance if it fulfils all three PBT criteria. The criteria for persistence is fulfilled but the criteria for bioaccumulation and toxicity are not fulfilled, and therefore N-benzyl-N-C16-18 (even numbered)-alkyl-N-methyl-C16-18 (even-numbered)-alkyl-1-aminium chloride cannot be classified as PBT.

A substance is identified as a vPvB substance if it fulfils both vPvB criteria. The vP criterion is fulfilled but the vB criterion is not fulfilled.

N-benzyl-N-C16-18 (even numbered)-alkyl-N-methyl-C16-18 (even-numbered)-alkyl-1-aminium chloride is neither a PBT nor a vPvB substance.

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