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The determined Koc value of 24547 indicates that the substance will have a high potential to adsorb to sediment/soil.

To assess the volatilisation potential of the substance a Henry's law constant was determined which showed a value of 36.9 Pa. m3/mol. Distribution modelling showed that volatilisation only plays a minor role in the environmental behaviour of HHCB. 

Based on Level III distribution modelling using EPISUITE (assuming equal and continuous releases to air, water and soil) using the CAS number 1222-05-5 and the measured physico-chemical parameters as input, it is estimated that the majority of the substance released to the environment will partition mainly into soil (83%), with smaller amounts to sediment (10%) and water (6.73%) and a negligible amount to air (0.27%).

The SimpleTreat model, which is incorporated in EUSES, simulated the distribution of the substance in a Sewage Treatment Plant based on vapour pressure, water solubility, log Kow and biodegradability. The model predicts that 0% of the substance will biodegrade, 25.4% will partition to water, 69.1% to sewage sludge and 5.5% to air.