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PBT assessment

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PBT assessment: overall result

PBT status:
the substance is not PBT / vPvB

Persistence Assessment

The substance is neither readily or inhernetly biodegradable in standard tests for biodegradability. However, it is subject to photolysis and anaerobic degradation.


Bioaccumulation Assessment

Due to the very low log Pow of less than 0, the substances have no potential for bioaccumulation. The log Pow of the substance is very much lower than the threshold value of the screening criterion for B (log Pow>4.5). Furthermore experimental tests on fish have been performed on the substance.

In all the performed experiments only sporadic trace concentrations (less than 0.05 mg/kg) of the tested substance were present in the fish at exposure levels up to of 1 mg/l. In most instances, no detectable substance was found.

The B-criterion is not fulfilled.


Toxicity Assessment
The substance is non toxic to mammalian and aquatic organisms. The substance is not classified neither for environmental toxicity nor as CMR or T, R 48 or Xn, R 48. It can be concluded that the substance has no toxic properties.