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PBT assessment: overall result

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the substance is not PBT / vPvB

1 Persistence Assessment

Reactive Black 5 is not readily biodegradable. It hydrolyses rapidly in water. In the water/sediment compartment, Reactive Black 5 is rapidly degraded abiotically. The DT50 was 2 days; after 3 to 6 days, only 10 % of the applied Reactive Black 5 could be found. The majority of the degraded Reactive Black 5 was deposited in form of non-extractable residues in sediment. After about 1 month, mineralization of the metabolites started. Reactive Black 5 is Therefore, not persistent.

2 Bioaccumulation Assessment

The measured bioconcentration factor for aquatic bioaccumulation for Reactive Black 5 is < 11 and does not exceed the bioconcentration criteria. This result is based on the lower limit of quantification. Furthermore, there is no indication on bioaccumulation in mammals.

Therefore, Reactive Black 5 is not regarded as bio-accumulative.

3 Toxicity Assessment

Reactive Black 5 is not classified as toxic according to Annex I to 67/548/and the data on toxicity provided herein.

4 Summary and overall Conclusions on PBTor vPvB Properties

Reactive Black 5 did neither reveal PBT or vPvB properties.