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According to REACH, Annex IX, Column 2 of Section 9.4:

In the absence of toxicity data for soil organisms, the equilibrium partitioning method may be applied to assess the hazard to soil organisms.

According to Annex IX of REACH Regulation, section 9.4, the equilibrium partitioning method was used to assess the hazard to soil organisms. The use in terrestrial applications is performed with 13 % solution of substance in water. The solution of desired concentration is prepared by mixing 180 g with 1 litre of water. For 1 hectare of soil, 0,6 litres of 13 % solution is used.
Calculated PEC(soil) = 0,0072 mg/kg with density of soil 2500 kg/m3 according to ECHA Guidance on information requirements and chemical safety assessment.
Calculated PNEC(soil) = 0,009052 mg/kg.
Therefore, the risk characterisation ratio (RCR) of PEC(soil) to PNEC(soil) is below 1. The risks associated with terrestrial applications are well controlled.

In particular for substances that have a high potential to adsorb to soil or that are very persistent, the registrant shall consider long-term toxicity testing instead of short-term.

According to Adsorption/Desorption study, Adsorption coefficient of Humic acids, potassium salts on soil: log Koc (soil) < 1.3 (pH = 6.1, 25°C). The substance has very low potential for adsorption to soil, therefore it is not necessary to consider long-term toxicity to terrestrial plants.

Finally, the toxicity to terestrial plants is not supposed. The water solution of the substance is used for long time as the agent that makes plants' root systems easily ingest mineral nutrients, increases fertilizing effectiveness, improves growth in all stages of plant development.

As results, it is not necessary to investigate toxicity to terrestrial plants, neither short-term not long-term.

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Humic acids, potassium salts
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Humic acids, potassium salts
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Humic acids, potassium salts

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